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Odds and Ends: "Ball game over! The cake is tainted! Theeeeeeeeeeeeee cake is tainted!"

If you think double-dipping is disgusting then what about finger-dipping? You know, when someone sticks their finger in something, sucks it clean and then walks away. Like Puck and the peanut butter back when The Real World was actually worth watching. Well, according to the New York Post, if you happen to work in the same stadium as Yankees radio announcer John Sterling then you might want to get a vomit bucket ready.

“Sterling has made a habit of walking over to the dessert table and dipping his finger into the ice cream barrel,” one stadium worker told us, adding that the play-by-play vet has also used the same tablespoon to repeatedly take samples. During the Boston series, “He wandered over to the cake and pie section, broke off a piece of a cake slice, ate it and wiped his grimy hands on the linen tablecloth, leaving the remainder of the slice for someone else to eat – which indeed happened,” our spy continued.

Ewwwww. Kid Rock and Tommy Lee won’t even touch those sloppy seconds.

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And finally, this is why you always, always, always lock up your lightsaber.

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Odds and Ends: Aliens spotted at Wimbledon

If you watched the instant classic between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the Wimbledon grass then you know all about the celebrities in attendance. Well, you at least know that Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani were there because the cameras showed the power couple at least once every ten minutes. However, you might have been too star struck to notice the “others” who showed up to the matches.

With the blankest of blank expressions on their faces, these mysterious figures have been popping up in the most unlikely of places.

The faceless mutants have a penchant for A-list celebrity bashes and have been spotted at Elton John’s White tie ball and Harrods summer sale, opened by Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall.

With a membrane of skin stretched tightly over their eyes, noses and mouths, the alien-like figures were most recently snapped ‘watching’ a match perched on Murray Mount at Wimbledon.

Oh, those were aliens!? We thought those faceless freaks were this dude and Joan Rivers.

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And finally, freestyle swinging.

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Meow! Jenn Sterger pounces on Erin Andrews and Jill Arrington

We’ve gained a lot of our wisdom from watching Seinfeld and we can only pray to sweet, tiny baby Jesus that Jerry was right about catfights.

Men think if women are grabbing and clawing at each other there’s a chance they might somehow, you know… kiss.

Odds are they’ll just grab each other’s hair or start flailing limp-wristed slaps at one another, but if this particular catfight turns into a kiss then millions of male sports fans will be completely content to die and go to heaven.

The Big Lead has word that Jenn Sterger started a bit of a stink last week when she lashed out at fellow babes Erin Andrews and Jill Arrington during a radio interview.

Around the 12 minute mark, the hosts quit fawning over Sterger for a moment to ask about Andrews:

She’s very talented. But it’s so funny because if you look at her old tapes back when she worked at the Lightning, it was the most dreadful stuff you’ve ever seen in your life. People compare me and say, well, she’s no Erin Andrews … and I’m like, well, who’s No. 1 on the computer. Suck it.”

[Yeah, we’re also perplexed about what ‘No. 1 on the computer’ means. But it reeks of Cindy Margolis.] What about Jill Arrington?

Oh, no, not my thing. I just don’t want to get that haircut and wear turtlenecks for a living. It’s just not my shtick. If there’s ever a chance for a hot girl to make it into sports, until then …

Later in the interview, Sterger said Derek Jeter “isn’t my type,” but that makes sense because he’s a successful, athletic, wealthy man.

Can’t we all just throw on our bathing suits, hop in the hot tub, toss back a few glasses of champagne and get along? Is that really too much to ask?


[The Big Lead]: Jenn Sterger is Not Impressed with Erin Andrews

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Odds and Ends: Unfortunately, Marcus Vick’s hero is still his big brother

Marcus Vick was arrested early Thursday morning in Norfolk after taking police on a brief chase. Once the former Virginia Tech miscreant was captured, he was charged with driving under the influence and received citations for driving on the wrong side of the road, reckless driving, eluding police and driving on a suspended license before posting bond. And it all started over an argument with his ol’ lady.

According to the police report, a uniformed bicycle patrol officer saw Vick and Cordon sitting in a vehicle in the 200 block on Granby Street, having an apparent altercation. When the officer approached and asked Vick for his license, Vick fled the scene at a high rate of speed, police spokesman Chris Amos said. A description of the vehicle was broadcast, and Vick was pulled over a few minutes later.

As always, Marcus Vick said it was just an accident.

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And finally, try this excuse the next time you want a day off from work. Sounds insane, but this guy fell for it.

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Maria Sansone is officially the hottest sideline reporter of all time, sorry Erin

On Tuesday, we told you about our unhealthy obsession with female sports reporters like Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson. Now, we take it one step further; rather, All Balls takes it one step further, putting together a list of “The 10 Hottest Sideline Reporters Of All Time.” But this is no ordinary list.

This list has been done before, but I don’t think it’s ever truly been done properly. You will not find the likes of Suzy Kobler, Rachel Nichols or Lindsay Soto anywhere on this list. It’s not because they’re not really hot because they are. The fact is that there is a new super breed of female sideline reporters that were once Hawaiian Tropic girls and Playboy playmates.

10.Shana Hiatt

9.Lisa Guerrero

8.Melissa Stark

7.Pam Oliver

6.Jamie Little

5.Lisa Dergan Podsednik

4.Erin Andrews

3.Jill Arrington

2.Charity Hodges

1.Maria Sansone

It takes a lot for us to concede our girl Erin Andrews to No. 4, but we’re willing to give on this one. However, the All Balls crew obviously tied on one too many appletinis during the list’s construction. C’mon, Pam Oliver?!?! For real??


[All Balls]: The 10 Hottest Sideline Reporters Of All Time

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Odds and Ends: The 12 Highest Earning Hotties

What she no longer has in age or
looks, she makes up for with money

The only thing sexier than a beautiful babe is a rich, beautiful babe. After all, what good is having a bombshell girlfriend if she can’t take you out on expensive dates and buy you nice things? So, for all you bachelors out there, here’s a list of The 12 Highest Earning Hotties on Earth. You can thank

12. Adriana Lima – $6 Million
11.Kate Moss – $9 Million
10.Jennifer Aniston – $14 Million
9.Tyra Banks – $18 Million
8.Angelina Jolie – $20 Million
7.Maria Sharapova – $23 Million
6.Gwen Stefani – $26 Million
5.Beyonce – $27 Million
4.Nicole Kidman – $28 Million
3.Gisele Bundchen – $33 Million
2.Shakira – $38 Million
1.Madonna – $72 Million

What?? No Oprah??

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And finally, extremely funny or extremely disturbing? You decide. – Watch more free videos

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Fire and ice: The 10 Hottest Hockey Player Celebrity Girlfriends

It wasn’t all that long ago that we stumbled across a list of The 50 Sexiest WAGs of World Soccer and our lives changed forever. Our tongues are still dragging on the ground and our eyeballs still haven’t gone back fully into their sockets. But for some of you out there, soccer babes just don’t do it for you. Well, what about hockey hotties? Thanks to All Balls, there is now an official list of The 10 Hottest Hockey Player Celebrity Girlfriends for us to drool over.

Another hockey season is almost over and it’s time to reflect on the best part about hockey. All the hot celebrities chicks that hockey players score with! Is it the hockey hair that drives the ladies wild? Is the the rugged sexiness of missing teeth? Perhaps it’s those irresistible Canadian and Russian accents? For whatever reason, female celebrities can’t resist the allure of the hockey player. Personally, I think it’s because every little girl want to be a figure skater when she grows up and hockey players are pretty much professional figure skaters minus the sequence outfits and the face glitter. And no, as a matter of fact I’m not going to make any five-hole jokes today. How dare all of you.

10. Rachel Hunter (girlfriend of Jarret Stoll)
9. Kellie Pickler (girlfriend of Jordin Tootoo)
8. Paris Hilton (girlfriend of Jose Theodore)
7. Madonna (girlfriend of Mark Messier)
6. Hillary Duff (girlfriend of Mike Comrie)
5. Izabella Scorupco (girlfriend of Mariusz Czerkawski)
4. Anna Kournikova (girlfriend of Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov)
3. Alyssa Milano (girlfriend of Wayne Bean)
2. Gena Lee Nolin (girlfriend of Cale Hulse)
1. Elisha Cuthbert (girlfriend of Sean Avery)



[All Balls]: The 10 Hottest Hockey Player Celebrity Girlfriends

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Helio: you dirty dog, you!

And his fiancee left him because
he got famous, right.

Current Dancing With the Stars champion and race car driver extraordinaire Helio Castroneves is splitting up with his long-time girlfriend/fiancée. According to TMZ, the break up is due to Castroneves’ new found celebrity. Apparently his ex old lady, Aliette Vazquez, couldn’t take Helio’s inflated ego anymore and decided to bolt, but we’ve got our suspicions.

We’re not huge fans of this dancing sensation that is sweeping the nation, but we’ve seen enough to know that the babes on the show are smokin’ hot. Needless to say, Helio’s `partner’, Julianne Hough is no exception. The two shared a kiss on a recent episode, but that was just part of the dance, right?

Actually, the kiss is probably the last thing the newly single Ms. Vazquez was worried about. After all, her man was spending countless hours with an incredibly sexy woman, dancing chest to chest, hip to hip and even lip to lip. Sexual chemistry is virtually unavoidable at that point. We don’t know a woman alive who would approve of her husband doing something like that in any other context.

Regardless, the relationship is over and the DWTS curse lives on. Oh, you haven’t heard about the curse? Just look at what it did to Emmitt Smith; from dancing machine to barely being able to put together a sentence.


[TMZ]: Ex-Fiancée to Helio: Lights, Camera, Split!
[ABC News]: Helio Splits From Fiancee After `DWS’ Win

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"If there’s grass on the field, play ball"

We know that after a summer of baseball, football is finally starting to take over the fall. Still, lots of guys out there are completely lost in the fog of baseball until a champ is crowned. To those super focused, elite fans that have nothing but bats and balls on the mind, we have six little words for you: what the hell are you thinking?

Oooooooh, they must finger joust on the side.


Futbol has finally redeemed it’s self…slightly

Most of the time when we talk about soccer, we focus on the ugly, nasty side of the sport: the riots, the package biting, the other riots, the Beckham’s American invasion, the murders, the attempted murders. But, believe it or not, we’ve actually found something about soccer that we like; when hotties play it in teeny tiny skirts and stomach revealing tops.

We are so relieved to find out that soccer actually had some untapped potential hidden deep down inside. This is honestly the greatest spin put on a sport since the Lingerie Bowl.


[Our Book of Scrap]: Girls Playing Soccer In Short Skirts