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Odds and Ends: Unfortunately, Marcus Vick’s hero is still his big brother

Marcus Vick was arrested early Thursday morning in Norfolk after taking police on a brief chase. Once the former Virginia Tech miscreant was captured, he was charged with driving under the influence and received citations for driving on the wrong side of the road, reckless driving, eluding police and driving on a suspended license before posting bond. And it all started over an argument with his ol’ lady.

According to the police report, a uniformed bicycle patrol officer saw Vick and Cordon sitting in a vehicle in the 200 block on Granby Street, having an apparent altercation. When the officer approached and asked Vick for his license, Vick fled the scene at a high rate of speed, police spokesman Chris Amos said. A description of the vehicle was broadcast, and Vick was pulled over a few minutes later.

As always, Marcus Vick said it was just an accident.

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Miami Dolphins

Marcus Vick sued for sexual battery

…but I LOVE you

A 17-year-old is suing Marcus Vick for $6.3 million accusing him of sexual battery upon a minor, fraud, and other chargers (too slow in the 40?).  According to the lawsuit, the girl started a two year sexual relationship with Vick when she was only 15 and he was at Va Tech.   Does she (and her grandma) want Marcus thrown in jail for statutory rape?  Nope, they want cash for “psychological trauma associated with the child sexual abuse perpetrated by defendant Marcus Vick.”

First off, while it’s illegal and reprehensible for Vick to take advantage of a high school girl, this lawsuit smells of a  shakedown.  Second, why does this surprise anyone?  Remember, before the 2004 season, Vick was arrested for providing underaged girls with marijuana, liquor,  and pornography.  You gotta figure he got around to nailing them.  It’s a simple  equation folks, marijuana + underaged girls + pornography = sex.  Or at least that’s what R. Kelly says.  The girl filing the lawsuit is one of the girls in the 2004 incident.  At the time, she invoked the 5th Amendment Rights at the trial  Now, she just understands it’s time to get paid.

She also accuses Vick of fraud because he told her her loved her to get her to have sex with him.  Holy Christ!  If she wins that argument, any man who’s lied to get laid (and that’s just about every man who’s gotten laid) is in serious trouble.

[Yahoo]: Girl suing former Virginia Tech QB for $6.3 million

Miami Dolphins

Lookout underaged girls… Dolphins sign Marcus Vick

Proving once again that with enough talent, somebody is going to take a shot at a reclamation project, the Dolphins signed Marcus Vick as a “slash”. He’s listed as quarterback/wide receiver/specialist but the Dolphins didn’t even work him out at the QB position on the last day of the three day mini-camp so any playing time he gets will be at the WR or kick return position. That is, if he even makes the team.

Nick Saban issued a CYA statement:

I want to make it very clear that we will not condone any behavior issues in the future relative to Marcus Vick. Marcus acknowledges that he has made some mistakes, all of which have resulted in severe consequences for him. They have helped him learn that he will need to make much better choices and decisions in the future or risk similar consequences that could jeopardize his career as a professional.

As an organization, we did an enormous amount of research, including consulting with professionals in detailed, in-depth analysis to feel comfortable that giving Marcus an opportunity as a free agent is a risk worth taking. Marcus has made a commitment to this organization and our fans to represent the Miami Dolphins in a first-class manner.

We think first class means only brandishing firearms outside 4 star restaurants, not McDonalds. Somehow we don’t think Marcus Vick is going to be able to stay on the straight and narrow but if he’s able to have half the career that Antwaan Randle El has had, he’ll be lucky.

[Miami Herald]: Younger Vick joins Dolphins