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Don’t get caught looking the wrong way

We found this pic on digg and had to share.

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Tatiana Golovin’s underwear makes news at Wimbledon; now that’s a story

Salute your shorts!

If you don’t know who Tatiana Golovin is, you’ll probably remember her red “knickers.” As most tennis chicks do, Golovin wore an itty bitty skirt during her match on Wednesday that showed off her underwear from time to time. Now, you’d never catch us complaining about something like this but apparently not everyone is so pleased and during a during a rain delay someone took a peak under her skirt and determined that by definition the undies were “knickers” and not “cycling shorts” and because they didn’t go below her skirt, they were permitted.

Wimbledon regulations require that “Each individual item of clothing must be almost entirely white.” Needless to say the red under shorts don’t qualify as white, but as long as the panties only appear sporadically it seems that she’ll be allowed to wear them. Yippie!!

They say red is a colour that proves you are strong and confident, so I’m happy with my red knickers.”

“I’ll keep wearing them as long as I keep winning. They are lucky.”

“For these two weeks, it’s going to be red. Then it’s a surprise for after that.

Obviously, we’ve found a new tennis starlet that we’re going to be keeping our eyes on. What can we say, we love surprises.


[The Sun Online]: Knickers to you lot, says Tatiana


Odds and Ends: Get me the hell out of Haiti

I’ve never been to Haiti but I’m pretty sure it’s not exactly the greatest place in the world. This is based primarily on constant news reports of people dying and the film The Serpert and the Rainbow. Still, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that on a layover in JFK on their way to a tournament in South Korea 13 members of the Haitian Under-17 soccer squad would decide to just bail on the team. “Five or six” have since turned themselves into team officials but rest are still on the lam. You know, they probably would have been better off playing in the tournament first and then ditching the team and seeking refuse in the friendly confines of NYC.

In other news…

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[Can’t Stop the Bleeding]: Justine Henin is not ashamed of her herpes


Odds and Ends: John Daly’s wife is insane

John Daly’s wife Sherrie decided to celebrate the 6th anniversary of their meeting by assaulting him with a steak knife and clawing up his face. Big John showed up Saturday with a scratched up face. According to the sheriff’s department, he called them to report an assault by his wife on Friday night. The couple met six years ago at the St. Jude Classic and married 53 days later. Unfortunately for John, in redneck circles, the 7th anniversary is known as the “chainsaw anniversary”. Watch out big guy.

In other news…

[USA Today]: Nugget DerMarr Johnson tasered outside nightclub

[]: Nugget JR Smith injured in SUV accident

[KOAA]: Two Trinidad men are accused of murder after arm wrestling match

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[James Mirtle]: Probably best not to read this article if you don’t like Gary Bettman

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The world’s highest paid athletes 25 and under

Highest paid athlete 25 and under

Business week released their list of 27 athletes under the age of 25 who are stuffing their bank accounts. They took the top 3 earners each from nine sports and compiled a slideshow — which means you have to click next 26 times to get the full list. We hate that. So here is the list for you lazy clickers. Note that this list is based on salary and does not include endorsements.

Joe Johnson: 25 years old, $12.7M in 2006-2007
Zach Randolph: 25 years old $12M in 2006-2007
Carlos Boozer: 25 years old $11.6M in 2006-2007. (ripped off blind man in 2004)

Vince Young: 23 years old, $9.7M in 2006

Reggie Bush: 22 years old, $9M in 2006
Mario Williams: 22 years old, $9M in 2006

Roger Federer: 25 years old, $8.3M in 2006
Justine Henin: 24 years old, $4.2M in 2006
Maria Sharapova: 20 years old, $3.8M in 2006

Cristiano Ronaldo: 22 years old, $12.4M in 2006
Wayne Rooney: 21, $11.7M in 2007
Landon Donovan: 25, $900,000 in 2006

Formula One
Fernando Alonso: 25 years old, $20.4M in 2007
Lewis Hamilton: 22 years old, $2.8M in 2007
Heikki Kovalainen: 25 years old, $2.8M in 2007

Carlos Zambrano: 25 years old, $6.7M in 2006
Dontrelle Willis: 25 years old, $4.35M in 2006
Francisco Rodriguez: 25 years old, $3.8M in 2006

Kyle Busch: 21 years old, $4.8M in 2006
Brian Vickers: 23 years old, $3.9M in 2006
Reed Sorenson: 21 years old, $3.5M in 2005

Lorena Ochoa: 25 years old, $2.6M in 2006
Camilo Villegas: 25 years old, $1.8M in 2006
Julieta Granada: 20 years old, $1.6M in 2006

Ilya Kovalchuck: 24 years old, $5M in 2007
Rick DiPietro: 25 years old, $4.5M in 2007
Eric Staal: 22 years old, $4M in 2007

It turns out that if you want to get rich quick, the sport to play is basketball. But based on the top earning athletes without age restrictions, the long term smart bet is either Formula One (Michael Schumacher) or golf (Tiger Woods).

[Business Week]: Highest-Paid Athletes 25 and Under


Odds and Ends: The funniest sportscenter spoof ever

We were all set to lead off Odds and Ends with a story about Joe Thomas skipping the NFL Draft to go fishing with his dad but then a reader sent us this video of an ESPN Sportscenter spoof that has us peeing our pants. It is almost perfect. You have to watch it twice to read the ticker at the bottom but it’s totally worth it.

(Hat Tip: The Big Lead)

In other news…

[WBRS Sports]: Hockey + Cheerleaders + Sex + Lawsuit + Threeway + “more fuckable” – Pics = 9.0

[Detroit Free Press]: Look out Flip Murray, they shootin!

[Encarta]: Bill Nye the Science Guy’s fascinating explanation of the Gyroball

[Battle of the Surfaces]: Exactly what nobody was dying to see

[Star-Telegram]: Moose Johnston’s wife is tough as nails

[Big Show Baseball]: A-Rod is off to such a good start that Yankees fans are even including him in their best of all time lists

And finally, our quote of the day comes from Phoenix Coyotes CEO Jeff Shumway:

Players will say they want to be in Phoenix… That means the weather is good, the golf is good … What they mean is they want to retire in Phoenix. What we need are guys who want to play hockey in Phoenix.

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Video of Andre Agassi hitting Steffi Graf with a racket

Last week, we had a little blurb in the Odds and Ends section about Andre Agassi hitting Steffi Graf in the face with his racket on the follow through. Well, here’s the video of it from a person in the stands. A couple of thoughts: 1) It wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t doing something incredibly gay (we’re taking it back!) like holding hands while hitting; and 2) gotta love the enthusiasm of the PA guy “left handed!” as he hits her in the face — followed by silence.

(via Sports By Brooks)

NFL General

Odds and Ends: You know who Chunky Soup should sign? Jesus

Chunky Soup has announced their latest lineup of “Mama’s Boys” and fans are hoping that their players aren’t affected by the Chunky Soup Curse. The eight man roster of LaDainian Tomlinson, Matt Hasselbeck, Vince Young, Larry Johnson, Jonathan Vilma, DeMarcus Ware, Devin Hester and Todd Heap is the largest that Chunky has ever had.

In a completely unrelated bit of info, we’ve previously stated that Jesus shouldn’t have any part in sports, especially in the Masters, but apparently some people don’t agree. And apparently he plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

In other news…

[Our Book of Scrap]: Speaking of curses, some Chargers fans are so concerned about the Madden Curse that they’ve started a petition against having LaDanian on the cover.

[10,000 Takes]: Cedric Griffin kicked out of a nightclub for not pulling up his pants. Hey, at least it wasn’t for pulling down his pants.

[Yahoo]: Oh sure, Agassi, go to the ‘I accidentally hit my wife with a racket during a fundraiser’ excuse. Jason Kidd sure does wish he’d thought of that one.

And finally, we’ve seen elephants playing soccer and puppies getting flagged for pooping in the Puppy Bowl but this might take the cake. Check out this video of a bunch of crazy Japanese drivers in some sort of weird demolition derby/soccer game.

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Racism: it’s not just for soccer fans anymore!

It seems the overwhelming number of stories we do on racism involve soccer fans. However, we were reminded that tennis is still a predominantly white sport despite the dominance of the Williams sisters over the past 10 years. A heckler was tossed from the Sony Ericcson Open after going all Hooman Hamzehloui on Serena Williams.

There was this guy in the stands harassing me throughout the whole match, and I really should have said something sooner. And then even the people out there were pointing to who he was.

The guy said, ‘Hit the net like any Negro would.’ I was shocked.

Serena’s stepsister later told reporters that “negro” wasn’t the exact word he used. The unidentified man was escorted out of the stadium and a copy of his license and photograph was taken by security. If he ever returns to the stadium, he will be arrested. The WTA is also considering banning him from all tour events. We say someone should give him a ride to Compton where Serena Williams grew up.

[Local 6]: Serena Williams: Heckler Made Racist Remark

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Safin’s babe trades up

Worth $2.5 billion?

You might not know who Daria Zhukova is, but you’ll probably remember her as the smoking hot babe that was hanging out at all of Marat Safin’s tennis matches some months back. Well, she’s apparently moved on from Safin and into a much more profitable relationship. Zhukova, 25, also known as Dasha, is now rumored to be with playboy Roman Abramovich, 40.

Abramovich is a Russian businessman and owner of the Chelsea football club. In other words, the guys freakin loaded. But he’s now considerably lighter in the pocket after he settled to pay his ex $2.5 billion in the most expensive divorce of all time. But taking into account that Abramovich is worth a cool $18.7 billion and his wife Irina, 39, only got away with $2.5 makes his trade in for Dasha quite a steal. Irina could have scratched and clawed her way to half of his fortune probably, but nobody is going to argue when $2.5 billion is thrown on the table.