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Racism: it’s not just for soccer fans anymore!

It seems the overwhelming number of stories we do on racism involve soccer fans. However, we were reminded that tennis is still a predominantly white sport despite the dominance of the Williams sisters over the past 10 years. A heckler was tossed from the Sony Ericcson Open after going all Hooman Hamzehloui on Serena Williams.

There was this guy in the stands harassing me throughout the whole match, and I really should have said something sooner. And then even the people out there were pointing to who he was.

The guy said, ‘Hit the net like any Negro would.’ I was shocked.

Serena’s stepsister later told reporters that “negro” wasn’t the exact word he used. The unidentified man was escorted out of the stadium and a copy of his license and photograph was taken by security. If he ever returns to the stadium, he will be arrested. The WTA is also considering banning him from all tour events. We say someone should give him a ride to Compton where Serena Williams grew up.

[Local 6]: Serena Williams: Heckler Made Racist Remark

By Vin

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One reply on “Racism: it’s not just for soccer fans anymore!”

Racism in Tennis… — It’s been there for years. look at Serbia and Croatia…they throw racist taunts at each other everytime they have a match.

Why is anyone shocked?

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