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$1M Barbaro Bonus at stake in the Preakness

Not to be outdone by those promotional whores from the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness folks have created their own Barbaro tribute. There will be a $1 million bonus at the Preakness on Saturday if a horse breaks his leg within 6 1/2 lengths — the same area where Barbaro broke his leg last year. The […]

Odds and Ends: The funniest sportscenter spoof ever

We were all set to lead off Odds and Ends with a story about Joe Thomas skipping the NFL Draft to go fishing with his dad but then a reader sent us this video of an ESPN Sportscenter spoof that has us peeing our pants. It is almost perfect. You have to watch it twice […]

The Friday Sports Satire Roundup: Not so much a roundup

From The Sports Pickle, one of our favorite sites, comes this excellent take on Favre’s retirement. Brett Favre tells waitress he needs another 45 minutes to look over the menu Brett Favre entered his fourth hour of deciding what he would like to eat for dinner this evening at a Waveland, Mississippi, Olive Garden with […]

The Best of Sports Satire This Week for April 14 2006

[The Onion]: Packers To Favre: ‘Take Your Time, Asshole’ [The Brushback]: Duke Campus Would Be Racially Divided If There Were Any Black People There [Sports Pickle]: NASCAR Fans Ashamed They Didn’t Mistreat Those Towelheads for Dateline NBC [The Log Ride]: Adam Morrison Seeks Royalties for Happy Gilmore Role

The Sports Satire Roundup for Friday Apr 7 2006

The Duke lacrosse rape scandal is no laughing matter… unless of course it is a laughing matter. This is what I love about satire sites, they’ll cross any line. [The Brushback]: Pro-Rape Activists Stage Counter Demonstration On Duke Campus [The Onion]: Duke University Equestrian Team Hoping To Avoid Investigation Into Their Sex Scandal. “We’ve done […]

This week in sports satire for March 31 2006

Here are our favorite stories from the usual suspects. [Sports Pickle]: Mike Krzyzewski Getting Tired of Watching All the Mike Krzyzewski Commercials [The Brushback]: Eastern Conference Coaches Still Not Paying For Gilbert Arenas All-Star Omission [The Log Ride]: AJ Hawk Promised Anal if he Goes in First Round…From Brady Quinn, not Laura [The Onion]: George […]

Best of Sports Satire this week – Feb 17 2006

Here are the best satire stories for this week. [The Brushback]: “Sheryl Crow Now Pro-Cancer” (No article but damn that’s a hell of a headline.) [The Brushback]: Report: Gretzky Not Man Enough To Bet On Football “I’ve been associated with him for many years and there is no bigger pussy on earth than Wayne Gretzky. […]

Best of Sports Satire this week – Feb 9 2006

Not every satire article is a home run. Here are the best ones from the usual suspects this week. [Sports Pickle]: Officials Blame Seahawks Loss on Seahawks “The NFL officiating crew who called the Super Bowl XL match-up between Pittsburgh and Seattle has sounded off on the outcome of the game, blaming the Seahawks’ 11-point […]

Sports Satire roundup Feb 2 2006

Here are the best sports satire stories for this week. [Sports Pickle]: Isiah Thomas to Use Mental Retardation Defense in Sexual Harassment Case “It’s going to be impossible for any jury to look at Isiah’s body of work since his playing career ended and conclude anything other than the obvious: Isiah Thomas suffers from severe […]

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