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Odds and Ends: Aliens spotted at Wimbledon

If you watched the instant classic between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the Wimbledon grass then you know all about the celebrities in attendance. Well, you at least know that Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani were there because the cameras showed the power couple at least once every ten minutes. However, you might have been too star struck to notice the “others” who showed up to the matches.

With the blankest of blank expressions on their faces, these mysterious figures have been popping up in the most unlikely of places.

The faceless mutants have a penchant for A-list celebrity bashes and have been spotted at Elton John’s White tie ball and Harrods summer sale, opened by Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall.

With a membrane of skin stretched tightly over their eyes, noses and mouths, the alien-like figures were most recently snapped ‘watching’ a match perched on Murray Mount at Wimbledon.

Oh, those were aliens!? We thought those faceless freaks were this dude and Joan Rivers.

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And finally, freestyle swinging.

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Odds and Ends: The luckiest SOB in all of sports

The guys over at Rumors and Rants are still stewing over the fact that a virtual-nobody in the NBA like
Marko Jaric can be engaged to megamodel Adrianna Lima. Hey, aren’t we all? But Jaric isn’t the only lucky bastard in the world of sports. So, here’s their list of “The Luckiest Guys In Sports History.”

Marko Jaric – Engaged to Adrianna Lima

Jim Sorgi – Peyton Manning’s Backup

Sam Cassell – 2008 Celtics

Eric Gagne – 2007 Boston Red Sox

Scott Podsednik – Married to Lisa Dergan

Christian Laettner – The Dream Team

Tony Romo – The Tail He Pulls

Jud Buechler – Three Titles With The Bulls

Jeremy Shockey – Giants Super Bowl Win

And speaking of lucky, there’s no way we can forget about this lucky dog.

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And finally, here’s a guy dropping a subtle hint that he really, really wants a pool.

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Tatiana Golovin’s underwear makes news at Wimbledon; now that’s a story

Salute your shorts!

If you don’t know who Tatiana Golovin is, you’ll probably remember her red “knickers.” As most tennis chicks do, Golovin wore an itty bitty skirt during her match on Wednesday that showed off her underwear from time to time. Now, you’d never catch us complaining about something like this but apparently not everyone is so pleased and during a during a rain delay someone took a peak under her skirt and determined that by definition the undies were “knickers” and not “cycling shorts” and because they didn’t go below her skirt, they were permitted.

Wimbledon regulations require that “Each individual item of clothing must be almost entirely white.” Needless to say the red under shorts don’t qualify as white, but as long as the panties only appear sporadically it seems that she’ll be allowed to wear them. Yippie!!

They say red is a colour that proves you are strong and confident, so I’m happy with my red knickers.”

“I’ll keep wearing them as long as I keep winning. They are lucky.”

“For these two weeks, it’s going to be red. Then it’s a surprise for after that.

Obviously, we’ve found a new tennis starlet that we’re going to be keeping our eyes on. What can we say, we love surprises.


[The Sun Online]: Knickers to you lot, says Tatiana

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Odds and Ends (7.6.06): Henin-Hardenne vs Mauresmo in Wimbledon Finals


A womens tennis post without Maria Sharapova just seems wrong somehow but #1 ranked Amelie Mauresmo got to her first Wimbledon final by outlasting Sharapova in three sets. On the other side of the bracket, Justin e Henin-Hardenne beat #2 ranked Kim Clijsters. HH has won 17 straight matches and a victory in the finals would give her a career grand slam.

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