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Odds and Ends: The luckiest SOB in all of sports

The guys over at Rumors and Rants are still stewing over the fact that a virtual-nobody in the NBA like Marko Jaric can be engaged to megamodel Adrianna Lima. Hey, aren’t we all? But Jaric isn’t the only lucky bastard in the world of sports. So, here’s their list of “The Luckiest Guys In Sports […]

You want to sink a hole-in-one? Head for The Gopher State

Ugh, here we go again. It’s not that we don’t want people to do incredible things, it’s just that we’re sick and tired of those incredible things not happening to worthy individuals. Basically, we’re ticked that while we fighting alligators and rabid otters for golf balls, there are guys treating the course like it was […]

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