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Passing on Vince Young is no longer the most embarrassing moment in Texans history

It was a sick scene on the field of Reliant Stadium when Dolphins’ quarterback Trent Green collapsed to the field after being kneed in the head by Texans’ defensive tackle Travis Johnson. Watching Green lay motionless for a second consecutive year after a brutal hit was scary, but the nausea was due to Johnson’s behavior […]

Dunta Robinson’s crib gets jacked by a pair of masked men

Have you seen this man? Robbers sure are getting brazen these days and it appears that no athlete is safe anymore. First Pacman Jones got jacked, then Antoine Walker was getting robbed more than the local Kwik-E-Mart, after that Eddie Curry got rolled, then there was a shoot out at DeShawn Stevenson’s crib and now […]

Ahman Green trades a house for a jersey

SUCKER! NFL players are some pretty superstitious guys; especially when it comes to the number on their jersey. There is always some desperate newcomer on a team who is willing to do anything to get his favorite number across his chest and “anything” usually involves a dollar sign and lots of zeros. Just ask the […]

Pick the final Texans cheerleader or rocket scientist

We don’t give the Texans much credit around here (would you?) but we think their latest promotion to pick the last Texans cheerleader is pretty damn smart. You can check out the four contestants (will the winner be treated as “last one in” by the other cheerleaders?) here. Based on the photos, we’re going to […]

Carr and Casserly are gone but the stigma of stupidity remains

That’s a lot closer thanDavid Carr or Matt Schaub will ever get to a championship. The Houston Texans have official proven that they are the dumbest team in the NFL. Just one year after saying they were convinced David Carr was the quarterback who could take them to a Super Bowl, the Texans are trading […]

It was only a matter of time

On Tuesday we told you about the Chicago furniture store that refunded up to $10,000 of your furniture purchase if the Bears shut out the Packers in week 1. Well, only a few days later Gallery Furniture is Houston is doing the same thing. If the Texans beat the Colts, everyone who bought more than […]

The Full Count: Brawlin’ in Arlington

1. A good ol’ fashioned basebrawl: The Texas Rangers and LA Angels actually played yesterday, but few will remember this game for Texas’ 9-3 victory or 8-run third inning. That’s because in the bottom of the 9th with two outs, Adam Kennedy was hit by a pitch and charged the mound, setting off a benches-clearing […]

The Full Count: Liriano hits the DL

1. Unlucky Liriano: The Twins just put 12-win ace Francisco Liriano on the 15-day DL. Liriano reported forearm stiffness and had his worst start of the season on Tuesday. He will be temporarily replaced in the rotation by another young stud, Matt Garza. In five Triple A starts Garza has reported a 1.89 ERA and […]

Casserly is out as Texans GM

Charley Casserly, the guy who drafted Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush with the #1 pick, resigned today as the GM of the Houston Texans. Casserly was widely ridiculed for picking Williams but Texans owner Bob McNair insists that Casserly was not fired and that he was pursuing a job in the NFL office. There’s […]

Texans take Sam Bowie with the first pick

We’re not sure this requires another post but we are scratching our heads over this pick. The Texans arguably already have their franchise QB and RB in David Carr and Domanick Davis. It’s a stretch but we can see the argument. But why not trade the #1 pick? They could’ve at least gotten an extra […]

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