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Golfers experience a 16th hole holdup

Golf courses are getting harder and harder everyday. Between the woods, the water and the rough, most amateur hackers have their hands full just completing all 18 holes. And that was before some courses started implementing golf’s newest hazard: the armed robber. An armed robbery on the golf course at Brynwood Country Club Saturday morning […]

Russian tennis princess gets robbed at gunpoint

If you thought that the curse of money ended with the NFL and the NBA then you’d be wrong. In fact, if you thought greedy, violent criminals and their get-rich-quick schemes were secluded to the United States then you’d be wrong. Turns out those wacky Russians are some aggressive, money-hungry scandals as well. Tennis star […]

The Juice is loose!

By now, you must have heard about the Juice’s little Las Vegas incident that got him a total of 11 offenses ranging from conspiracy to commit kidnapping to robbery to assault, all by way of a deadly weapon. If O.J. is convicted then he could be facing life behind bars, but for now he’s out […]

O.J. Simpson does not like people who aren’t "straight shooters"

The Juice was at it again as he got arrested on Sunday on chargers of robbing sports memorabilia from an auction house that was setting up shop inside of a Las Vegas hotel. Apparently, OJ showed up to the room with some thugs under the guise that they were customers, but according to Bruce Fromong, […]

Dunta Robinson’s crib gets jacked by a pair of masked men

Have you seen this man? Robbers sure are getting brazen these days and it appears that no athlete is safe anymore. First Pacman Jones got jacked, then Antoine Walker was getting robbed more than the local Kwik-E-Mart, after that Eddie Curry got rolled, then there was a shoot out at DeShawn Stevenson’s crib and now […]

Michael Vick’s house got jacked up!

Where dogs check in but they don’tcheck out! We all know that Michael Vick is the current king of stupid decisions; from water bottles to dog fights and everything in between, Vick just can’t seem to do the right things. And attorney Gerald Poindexter thinks that it was his virtual retardation that got his crib […]

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