Dunta Robinson’s crib gets jacked by a pair of masked men

Have you seen this man?

Robbers sure are getting brazen these days and it appears that no athlete is safe anymore. First Pacman Jones got jacked, then Antoine Walker was getting robbed more than the local Kwik-E-Mart, after that Eddie Curry got rolled, then there was a shoot out at DeShawn Stevenson’s crib and now the pad of Houston Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson gets cleaned out.

Apparently, a couple of dudes in red bandanas and Los Angeles Dodgers caps broke into walked right into Robinson’s Texas home (a door was left unlocked) on Saturday evening and forced an occupant at gunpoint to lie in the floor before binding that person up with duct tape. Investigators aren’t spilling the beans on whether the occupant in question was Robinson or if he was even in the house at the time of the robbery.

While the one thug detained the occupant, the other jerk went a huntin’ fer valuables and ended up taking several pieces of Robinson’s bling before escaping into the night.

You know, if we had millions of dollars to our names then we’d defiantly be living in a virtual Fort Knox to protect our lifestyle. In fact, we’ve already discovered the perfect man to design our solitude of security should we ever scratch that magic lottery ticket.


[Chron.com]: 2 sought in robbery at Texan Dunta Robinson’s home

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