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Hey, Vegas, what did Big Ben ever do to you?

Las Vegas is a city of loose morals and low class, but we’ve always known that. They simply reassured us all of that the other day when the LVPD put on a demonstration showing the deadly dangers of car/pedestrian collisions. Uh, duh! But the sheer stupidity of the story isn’t what got us riled up, […]

Joey Porter vs. Levi Jones and it doesn’t even cost $49.95!

We heard the other day that a video of the Las Vegas Palms casino brawl between Levi Jones and Joey Porter had surfaced, but we kept thinking that this was just some ruse to get us all excited before an eventual letdown. You know, kinda like when you finally saw Ghost Rider. But we were […]

Shaq doesn’t pay for sex, he pays them to leave afterward

Remember when Kobe was accused of raping that girl in Colorado? It was a minor case so you might not have heard of it. Anyway, back when that happened, Kobe remarked that he should just pay them hush money to go away like Shaq does and told police that Shaq paid $1M in total for […]

MGM exec blames low earnings on NBA All-Star Game

MGM Mirage Inc’s CEO blamed his company’s lower than expected earnings in Q1 on the NBA All-Star Game. According to Terry Lanni, all the gangbangers that flooded into Las Vegas for All-Star weekend kept the high rollers (especial the ones from Asia in town to celebrate the Chinese New year) in their suites. The gang-bangers […]

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Levi Jones calls Joey Porter a coward

A couple of weeks ago, Joey Porter was arrested for punching Levi Jones in the face. It was widely reported that Levi was knocked down and had to be treated for a gash above his eye. Well, Levi Jones would like you to know that he’s tougher than that. It was problematic for me and […]

More on the Pacman Jones triple shooting

Not a care in the world There are no new developments in the Pacman Jones strip club shooting but there are a couple stories in the press related to the incident where a club bouncer was shot in the spine and paralyzed from the waist down. First, criminal defense lawyers not associated with the case […]

Strip club owner says Pacman Jones knew shooter

Photo from Sportsline Adam “Pacman” Jones, who brought you such hits as “Chickenheads to the left, high class hos to the right” and “She stole my wallet!“, has released a new single titled, “That stripper took my money”. His lawyer claims that Pacman was there but “nobody with him had a gun or fired a […]

Ladies and Gentlemen: Your 2007 Las Vegas Chargers

It’s only a matter of time before Las Vegas gets a major sports franchise. If not the Sonics, then why not the San Diego Chargers, whose lease runs out after this year. The mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman (you know, the guy who told a bunch of fourth graders that drinking gin was a […]

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