Hey, Vegas, what did Big Ben ever do to you?

Las Vegas is a city of loose morals and low class, but we’ve always known that. They simply reassured us all of that the other day when the LVPD put on a demonstration showing the deadly dangers of car/pedestrian collisions. Uh, duh! But the sheer stupidity of the story isn’t what got us riled up, it was the fact that the crash test dummy was wearing a Ben Roethlisberger jersey!

This has Peabody written all over it.

Then to show the dangers of illegal drugs, the Vegas cops set up a table with white powder all over it and had a dummy wearing a Len Bias jersey slumped over in a chair.


[MoveTheNeedle.net]: Ben Roethlisberger Made into a Crash Test Dummy. Classless!

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