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Jerome Bettis relieves himself in lavish luxury and so can you

The old man used to have an unusual obsession when we were growing up, he wanted to visit every public restroom in America and write a book about his experiences. Unfortunately, after making the trip to a few filthy truck stops and rest stops outside of the city limits, that dream was quickly flushed down the toilet. However, if he’d just head to Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 in Pittsburgh then it could be just what the doctor ordered to get those old creative juices flowing (no pun intended) once again.

The Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 on Pittsburgh’s North Shore has been chosen as one of 10 finalists for America’s best public restroom.

The grille’s restrooms feature custom marble tile, plus a one-way mirror above the urinals in the men’s room, which lets patrons see out into the bar.

“The lighting is dim, so I guess it’s a comfortable atmosphere for your restroom needs,” said manager Candy Mann.

“You can see most of the TVs on the back wall, and all of your friends and relatives,” said entertainment engineer Jake Karan. “You can check on your girlfriend, too.”

It is the first time the restaurant has been nominated for the “America’s Best Restroom” contest. You can vote for it at

We appreciate all the effort from the Bus to make everyone feel at home when upon his throne, but there’s just something about dropping a deuce from 95 floors up that just can’t be beat. Sorry, Jerome, but our vote is going to the Windy City.


[]: Jerome Bettis Grille 36 Nominated For Best Restroom

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Hey, Vegas, what did Big Ben ever do to you?

Las Vegas is a city of loose morals and low class, but we’ve always known that. They simply reassured us all of that the other day when the LVPD put on a demonstration showing the deadly dangers of car/pedestrian collisions. Uh, duh! But the sheer stupidity of the story isn’t what got us riled up, it was the fact that the crash test dummy was wearing a Ben Roethlisberger jersey!

This has Peabody written all over it.

Then to show the dangers of illegal drugs, the Vegas cops set up a table with white powder all over it and had a dummy wearing a Len Bias jersey slumped over in a chair.


[]: Ben Roethlisberger Made into a Crash Test Dummy. Classless!

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Do the dead still have to pay full admission to see the Steelers?

We understand that death is a difficult thing to cope with. And we understand that sometimes people have to do what they have to do in order to gain a little piece of mind. We get it. But you have to understand that some people might think your behavior is just a little creepy; especially when you bring your dead husband to a Steelers game.

Kathleen Desrosiers, 60, took an urn with her late husband’s ashes inside to Sunday’s snow-filled contest between the Steelers and the Jaguars. She even wore the proper attire for the game.

Braving the biting cold and the Steelers’ disappointing 29-22 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Desrosiers waved her new Terrible Towel, showed off her painted face and warmed her head with a Steelers hat.

She called it “an overwhelming experience.”

“It’s sad to think that he got here in death,” she added. “But this is where he wanted to be. It was what he asked me to do. I got to be with him one last time while he did something he wanted more than anything else in the whole wide world.

It really is a fitting tribute to man who loved his team and we won’t knock you for that. We just feel bad for the guy who was stuck sitting next to an urn all game long. Oh well, it could have been worse. At least Mr. Desrosiers was in an urn; this could have very easily turned into a Weekend at Bernie’s situation.


[]: Ashes of Late Steelers Fan Taken To Game

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Steelers Anthony Smith guarantees victory over Pats and then asks what the definition of `is’ is

The Patriots sure did lose a lot of credibility despite never having lost a game. Guess all it takes in this league is a couple of close contests to go from everybody thinking you’re gonna run the table to getting guarantees dropped on your head by opposing players. Sorta.

People keep asking me if we’re ready for the Patriots,” Steelers defensive back Anthony Smith said. “They should be asking if they’re ready for us.”

Is Smith so confident that he is willing to copy one of former Pittsburgh linebacker Joey Porter’s familiar motivational ploys by guaranteeing the Steelers will win?

“We’re going to win,” Smith said. “Yeah, I can guarantee a win. As long as we come out and do what we got to do. Both sides of the ball are rolling, and if our special teams come through for us, we’ve got a good chance to win.

We’ve got no qualms about guaranteeing victories. If a player or coach wants to open their fat mouths and inspire their opponents then so be it, but just make sure that you are actually going to nut-up and guarantee the victory flat out. Smith tried to guarantee victory, but still managed to leave himself an out by adding the clarifying clause of “As long as we come out and do what we got to do.”

Guess what, we guarantee that we will own an NFL franchise one day. As long as they lower the price to under $199.99 and we can pay our players in dirt and leaves.

Hopefully for Smith, like with crappy Christmas gifts, maybe it’s just the thought that counts.


[International Herald Tribune]: Steelers player “guarantees” win over Patriots

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Najeh Davenport conducts exclusive interview with 911 dispatcher

Najeh Trenadious Monté Davenport was at it again, but don’t worry, you’re laundry is safe.

Davenport and his baby momma apparently got into a dispute on Thursday night in Cleveland after he went to pick up his 5-year-old son from the woman and simultaneously let her know that he’d be filling for full custody of the child. That didn’t go over to well with the mother, Anita Person, and despite the fact that it appears Davenport had all the necessary visitation paperwork, she grabbed the boy from the car and bolted. But she didn’t make it far.

A woman who asked not to be identified told emergency dispatchers about “a situation” in which a woman and “her baby’s father” were arguing. “He was just punching all on her and she was screaming, ‘help.'”

The anonymous caller went on to say that the man “keeps circling around the block.”

Davenport, however, denied the claims that he hit Person — telling a Cleveland television station that he never touched the woman.

No charges were filed against Davenport in the case, but we’re always going to have our suspicions about a guy who takes a dump in some chick’s laundry hamper.

But the best part of this whole crazy situation is that the Cleveland police released the 911 tapes from Davenport, Peterson and another witness.

Damn, if Najeh had really needed help, he would have been dead by the time the operator found the address! Despite the dispatcher’s horrible performance, this still conjures up warm and fuzzy memories of our childhood and evenings watching Rescue 911.


[]: Police Release 911 Tapes Of Davenport Dispute

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Pittsburgh Steelers fans already hate the team’s newest member

There’s been tons of news coming out of Pittsburgh this preseason. The fake Ben Roethlisberger got sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years probation. The real Ben Roethlisberger hooked up with a hottie. Steely McBeam visited a children’s hospital. The team’s hotel demands got leaked to the press. Wait, WTF, who’s Steely McBeam??

Apparently we’ve been spending a little too much time in the gym (you should see our deltoids) and not enough time keeping up with our professional mascots because the Steelers got themselves a loser in foam outfit to call their very own. While Chuck Noll is probably rolling over in his grave, as Charles Barkley would say, we’re glad that the franchise decided to get a little more fan friendly. Unfortunately, their method involves a giant Muppet that looks like a yellow Lego and is named Steely freakin’ McBeam!

Luckily, the people of Pittsburgh are embarrassed about the whole fiasco and are already demanding that the mascot with an eerie resemblance to Bill Cowher has gotsta go. So, they’ve started a petition that will hopefully rid the earth of McBeam once and for all.

We the members of Steeler Nation, are now embarrassed. The name Steely McBeam is a terrible choice for naming our new mascot. It does not represent the toughness of our city or of our team. Look in the stands during a game and you will see we are our own cheerleaders and some fans are our own mascot. If it were up to Steeler Nation we would remove the mascot altogether, especially since it looks like Bill Cowher.

Those who have signed the petition below, would like the name to be changed by a vote by the fans, or have the mascot removed for good.

And you thought that Seattle was humiliated by their mascot.


[]: End of Steely McBeam

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The Steelers road trip demands get revealed

You’ve probably seen some of those whacky demands that pop stars make when they take their multi-million dollar acts on the road. Well, NFL football teams are some pretty big performers in their own right and when they travel, they gotta have things just they way they want `em. If you thought that Maria Carey was a diva, just get a load of the 17-page hotel checklist that the Steelers are insisting on. Here’s some highlights:

Players are not permitted to have alcohol in their room, please do not stock the mini-bar with alcohol.

Include the following bottled condiments:
Heinz Ketchup (MUST BE HEINZ)

The bedroom of Dan Rooney must have foam rubber pillows.

Garrett Giemont or Jack Kearney will meet security on one of the players’ floors at 10:45 PM for player bed check.

At omelet station have the following items: diced chicken breast, cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, ham, bacon, onions, tomatoes, salsa, etc. Also, please provide three or four portable burners.

Gatorade will be shipped to the hotel. Place Gatorade and bottled water in an ice chest near elevators on each player floor.

Block the players on one floor if possible. If players can’t be on one floor, then they must be on consecutive floors. There should be no other hotel guests on a player floor. Steelers’ staff members are okay.

The Steelers might be a little finicky about how they get treated on the road, but they are professional athletes after all so, we’re going to give them a pass. And at least the team is concerned about what the players consume while away from home. Heck, if we were on the road as much as these guys, our list would resemble something more along the lines of this.


[]: Steelers Hotel Demands Leaked Online
[]: Are You Ready For Some Bed Check?

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Ben Roethlisberger’s fame finally gets him some quality tail

Apparently Ben Roethlisberger has more than thoughts of receiver routes and proper throwing mechanics running through his head as Steelers training camp opens up. It seems that Big Ben has gotten himself a lady friend and they’ve recently been seen taking in a Pirates game together. Missy Peregrym was on Heroes and while we don’t know jack about the show, we know that we like what we see.

Frankly, we’re not big fans of Big Ben, but the guy has gone through so much crap over the past year or so that we’re kinda happy to see him getting a little pleasure out of life. Anyways, it’s kind of refreshing to hear about an NFL player’s love life that’s not named Tony Romo.

More photos of Missy Peregrym after the jump


[]: Pictures Of Big Ben, New Girlfriend Hit Web Sites

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Steelers coach is getting his email privileges revoked

Larry Zierlein, the offensive live coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, accidentally forwarded an email to a mailing list that included every GM in the league, their secretaries, and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Of course this wouldn’t be news if the contents of the email weren’t pornographic.

While Michael David Smith over at AOL Fanhouse doesn’t think anything beyond a reprimand and some training is in order, we actually think he might get fired. Last year around this time, Warriors PR man Eric Govan was fired for sending out an email with Ghetto Prom pictures to his contact list that included basically everyone he dealt with in the media. That email simply had photos of prom attendees in some of the worst outfits ever. Embarrassing and stupid but not pornographic. Zierlein actually sent out pornographic email to a list that included women, which is just begging for a hostile work environment lawsuit.

How many times have we been told that the NFL is just a business? Can you imagine if this had happened in a company like IBM, even if the worker was some VP with 29 years of tenure? We’re not saying that we want Zierlein to be fired but he probably should be.

[AOL Fanhouse]: A Name Is Named in NFL E-Mail Porn Fiasco
[Sportscolumn]: Ghetto Prom in Oaktown!

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Richard Seigler gets his pimp walk on

One day after being cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers, linebacker Richard Seigler was arrested in Pittsburgh on Thursday for allegedly running a prostitution ring in Las Vegas. Turns out that the coppers first found out that Seigler was big pimpin’ back in December and they have been keeping an eye on him ever since. Apparently, Seigler had at least two ladies of the night working for him and he was making anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per trick date. Now, instead of the big bucks, it looks like Seigler’s side job could end up getting him up to 10 years in the big house.

Talk about a bad week. You know that things are going to hell in a hand basket when getting fired from your job as a professional athlete in the most popular sport in the country isn’t the worst thing to happen to you in the last 48 hours.


[]: Ex-Steeler Arrested For Alleged Prostitution Ring
[]: Ex-Steelers LB Seigler arrested on Vegas warrant