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Phoenix’s public enemy #1: Big Shot Bob

In case you haven’t noticed, the Phoenix Suns and their fans are just a little angry with Robert Horry. His infamous forearm to Steve Nash in the final moments of Game 4 sent shockwaves through the NBA as Big Shot Rob’s actions coaxed Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw off the Suns bench which earned the […]

Lastings Milledge is bringing sexism back

L Millz might sound like a rapper, but does hehave one of these? Lastings Milledge has been in and out of trouble and controversy since he was in high school, so his latest troubles shouldn’t be anything new to “L Millz.” But that’s doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to further piss off a Mets […]

Talk about spinning your wheels for nothing

George Hood, 49, spent 85 long hours riding on a stationary bike back in January in order to grab his place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Well, at least he thought he rode for 85 hours. But leave it to the guys over at Guinness to screw the pooch on this one and […]

Tim Hardaway opens his mouth and inserts his foot, again

We thought that Tim Hardaway had learned his lesson after his whole ordeal with hating gays and all but it looks like we might have thought wrong. Now, the date of this clip is debatable but if it is after he let John Amaechi have it on the radio then that is one thick headed […]

Do we really need to tell you how moronic Stu Scott is?

Stu Scott has got to be one of the most annoying man on television and he’s proving that his disabilities are far worse than simply having a lazy eye. Mr. Boo-Yah opened his yapper to ESPN the Magazine the other day but instead of the normal horribly scripted garbage that comes spewing out, he shared […]

27 years after winning Grey Cup, QB gets busted with 17-year-old

When will people catch on that sex between a player and coach, or a teacher and a student just isn’t cool in the eyes of the law or most deans? Especially when the student is just 17-years-old! Well, former Canadian Football League quarterback turned high school coach and substitute teacher Tom Porras found out the […]

Fat guy tumbles down stairs at Shea, crushes lady

Anybody who has ever been to a baseball game knows that fans are required to be active and aware at all times. You never know when a foul ball or even a bat could come flying into the stands. And you might want to even keep an eye on those crafty vendors who will try […]

Michael Waltrip will not be endorsing No-Doz

Michael Waltrip has been racing cars for some time now, but by the looks of things he really needs to brush up on his handling skills. And he might want to read over the North Carolina laws for operating a motor vehicle while he’s at it. Waltrip claims that he fell asleep while driving to […]

Attention Sportscenter: We have found your next anchor

Every year the world’s best golfers head to Augusta, GA, to compete in the Masters. And every year the media coverage descends on the city in droves to bring you all the news that’s fit to print. Columbia, SC, TV station WLTX had a slightly different idea of what the public would find interesting to […]

Odds and Ends: Jim Harbaugh takes the opening shot

What did I say? Jim Harbaugh just got the job as Stanford’s coach and he’s already making enemies. Harbaugh came out and said that USC’s Pete Carroll would not be with the program come next year. Pete denied the statement and fired back with the ol’ “And if he has any questions about it he […]

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