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The lovely and gullible Maria Sharapova

For some strange reason, we can totally see Stu Scott pulling something like this. This Is Sportscenter ~~~~ – The best video clips are here

Can somebody please throw Stu Scott in front of a moving bus?

Trying to explain what a douche Stuart Scott is has become like trying to explain the science behind what happens to a star when it gets sucked into a black hole. Sometimes it’s just easier to observe the subject’s behaviors in order to quantify their complexity or, in Stu’s case, his doucheiness. This kind of […]

Do we really need to tell you how moronic Stu Scott is?

Stu Scott has got to be one of the most annoying man on television and he’s proving that his disabilities are far worse than simply having a lazy eye. Mr. Boo-Yah opened his yapper to ESPN the Magazine the other day but instead of the normal horribly scripted garbage that comes spewing out, he shared […]

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