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Michael Waltrip will not be endorsing No-Doz

Michael Waltrip has been racing cars for some time now, but by the looks of things he really needs to brush up on his handling skills. And he might want to read over the North Carolina laws for operating a motor vehicle while he’s at it.

Waltrip claims that he fell asleep while driving to his home and was less than a mile from his destination when he slammed into a telephone pole on Friday night. Apparently, he lost control of his Land Cruiser on a turn and then rolled the vehicle after he overcorrected his error. There’s no report on if Waltrip lost control while turning left.

After climbing out of the vehicle, a bloody Waltrip left the scene and then never notified the fuzz about his accident. But, believe it or not, the coppers came across the flipped SUV a little while later and tracked Waltrip down. He was issued tickets for reckless driving and failing to report an accident.

I am really embarrassed about the accident, but I feel fortunate that I wasn’t hurt,” the two-time Daytona 500 winner said Tuesday.

“For 25 years I have had a great driving record. I consider myself to be a courteous and safe driver on public roads. I never expected to fall a sleep behind the wheel of a car.

Looks like Waltrip is going to stick with his “fell asleep at the wheel” story, but we have a sneaking suspicion that this is another case of celebrity DUI. Ty Norris, GM of Waltrip’s racing team, said that the reason Waltrip didn’t report the accident was because his cell phone didn’t work where the accident occurred, yet the accident happened just a mile from his house. So, even if his celly didn’t work he could have called from his home phone. Guess he just “fell asleep” on the way to the phone.


[]: Waltrip cited after wreck
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Bottm line —  
  A blind man can see through this one .DUI how to get around it-just walk away. Ask his boss.

Michael Waltrip — Why is it when the person is famous they try to rub his future into the ground if they screw up? He made a mistake. Maybe he was just pretty shook up and confused. Yes it sounds bad but give the guy a break.

mikey waltrip — mikey is suffering some bad karma this year related to his trying to destroy the reputation of robert yates racing last year while he raided his employes. wonder how smart dj feels now or if he finds solace in all that toyota cash. if you love old racing boycott toyota.

Huh? — Sorry, that’s the tradeoff for making millions of bucks by being in the spotlight. When they’re on top, things are great. But when they act stupid, it’s gonna be news. No way around it. Nobody is running his future into the ground except him. Nobody was accusing Waltrip of being a drunk driver before he wrecked his car and left the scene. Sure it could be an honest accident, that doesn’t mean it’s not up to speculation.

Mike Waltrip = LOSER — Mike Waltrip sucks, come on – lowest in points or should I say negitive in point — STILL after 6 races WOW what a loser. A criminal now, what a loser. Cheating at Daytona, leaving DEI (the only team he’s won with), oh yeh wife Buffy cheating on him, took over 15 years to win a race (only because of DEI), his window business folded – WOW what a loser. Can he afford a hair cut?? Mike Waltrip sucks and should just quit or retire.

poor thing — give me a break.  Anyone that has ever driven any distance at all knows that you can fall asleep driving.  Anyone else that has ever been in the slightest wreck knows how dazed and confused you feel right after let alone a telephone pole direct hit/roll over at 2a.m.!He probably thought he was walking back to pit road for all you ney sayers know.  I still live in America where innocence is assumed until proven other wise.   The eightteen year old college student would definately of recognized whether or not he was drunk.  And…..she’s a girl she would of loved to spread some nasty gossip.  She didn’t.  If he was drunk he would of hit on some cute little college girl….but he didn’t because he had just hit his head, rolled his suv, can’t find his shoes and just wants to go the two blocks home and figure this crazy stuff out.

Pressure is getting to him… — C’mon people….it’s obvious what happened here.  He was DUI!  If not, why would he leave the scene when the witness told him she called 911. The time of the crash is suspect also…right around bar closing time.  I’m sure Toyota gave him the Land Cruiser.  Bet they’re not happy he totals the thing and then leaves it there.  Hmmm, I wonder what happened to his shoes.    

mikeys not a loser — who ever wrote these things about mikeys wife and business is the real loser. you don’t know anything yet you come down on someone like that. i guess you didn’t learn anything growing up about anything. i hope you get back for what you dish out. were you sleeping with buffy mr anonymous? by the way, do you have two daytona wins? he had nothing but junk to drive last year. when he gets good cars he’ll win again as long as he doesn’t allow people like you to get to him. hang in there mikey, i root for you and reut. every week. God bless

totally agree — Think about how shook up you are even after just a near miss.  Now imagine being in an actual accident where you probably should have died.

OK — So, you’re in a wreck, you’re frazzled, you’re scared. OK, so you leave to go home. But why not call an ambulance or the cops once you get home? Seems like a logical step. I was in an accident, I should probably be dead, I need to get some help. Why wait for the cops to come looking for you?

Just a thought?? — Let me see if I am feeling the “Scene”.. an “18” year old woman just happens to come along almost immediately after Mikey rolls and totals his SUV, Figures he’s dead. calls 911, of course they will have a record of her name or at least her phone number.  She “recognizes” and “talks” to Mikey for a minute or two and he takes of in his stocking feet.

Surprised no one has picked up on the “girl”, the lack of info on where he was and taking off in his socks.. And she wants to stay “anonymous”.. Sure she does. And I bet Mikey is quite happy she is anonymous as well..

Maybe he wasn’t “drunk”, Maybe he was doing a little “showing off” for Ms 18 and lost control and was a bit drunk as well. Maybe she saw the whole thing.. Maybe he didn’t want to be caught at the scene together with her. Interesting no one was home wasn’t it?  

The Stats Say It All!! — I will say that it is possible although highly unlikely that everything happened just like Mikey said. However, I feel he did not even handle this the way a million dollar plus racer-TV guy-pitch man-employer-family man should have handled it. There should have been full notifications and acknowledgement of this accident. Thank God no one was killed.
 Waltrip has at least 675 CUP starts and 2 points wins that both came at the same track in what were considered top level cars(one of those was a rainout). That is a lifetime Cup winning percentage of .0029  When you combine the idiotic driving on track with Jeff Green and Robbie Gordon in the past couple years, the cheating and disgrace at Daytona this Feb.,failing to qualify for the next 5 races in a row and now this kinda of unsavory story and post wreck behavior just might be enough to send NAPA and Toyota into the “We need a new driver mode” Mike Bliss,Mike Wallace and Kevin Lepage are all candidates who can actually drive race cars very well.

Mikey a Loser — Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks – Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks – Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks – Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks – Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks – Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks – Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks – Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks – Mike Waltip is a Loser – Mike Waltip is a Fag – Mike Waltrip Sucks –

Waltrip racing —  What a joke !! Did we realy expect anything from a driver with his record ? Lets face it , he will always be in the shadow of big brother !!  Its time Michael , to hang up the helmet.

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