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Ballroom dancing continues its attempt at world domination

We used to think that skateboarding was just about the dumbest “sport” in the world to get Olympic consideration, but then we saw that the International Olympic Committee was looking at ballroom dancing for their next big attraction. In fact, the IOC was responsible for getting the ball rolling on the whole idea by declaring […]

It takes a lot of training to make it to the Olympics, even if you’re sitting in the stands

The Chinese are totally stoked that the Olympics are coming this summer. In fact, they are so excited about the big event they are even learning to cheer! Yup, what you consider second nature, the Chinese population is learning from tutors. Of course, their cheering is a bit more civilized than the typical Joe Six-Pack’s […]

Are we the last ones to find out that Jackie Chan has a sweet set of pipes?

We knew that the dude could kick some butt, but we didn’t know he could do it harmonically. Turns out that the action hero/crazy stunt guy has a bit of a side career in music and now he’s going to be the voice of the 2008 Olympics. The 53-year-old actor, best known for his daredevil […]

NBC blows their load on the Olympics

We’re exactly one year away from the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and hopefully you can’t wait because in 365 days NBC is going to absolutely bombard you with coverage. How does 3,600 hours in two weeks sound to you? That’s more U.S. air time than all the previous Summer Games received combined! […]

The Chinese go hi-tech to keep it from raining on the Olympics’ parade

There’s nothing worse than having a major sporting event canceled or postponed because of the stupid weather. And with the 2008 Olympics quickly approaching, nobody wants to see Beijing become a wet mess when the world is watching. So, Chinese weathermen are planning to shoot rockets into the sky in hopes of blowing up rain […]

The old school Athenians must be rolling over in their graves

The 2012 Olympics are looking at going down in history as one of the most humiliating international competitions of all time if they keep going at their current pace. First they embraced a logo no-no that was so hideous people could actually believe that it would provoke seizures. The logo was cleared of all charges […]

Odds and Ends: London Olympics Logo NOT causing epileptic fits

OK folks, as much as we like ragging on the 2012 Olympics logo that looks like it was put together by a preschooler, we have to call bullshit on all the stories floating around that the logo itself is so ugly that it’s triggering epileptic fits. In actually, it was a bit of animation that […]

$800,000 for this 2012 London Olympics logo?

The new 2012 Olympics logo was unveiled today and it looks like some kid threw his pink puzzle blocks on the floor, saw that it vaguely resembled “2012” and went with it. And for this, the London 2012 Olympics committee spent $800,000. Despite all the public criticism of how terrible it is, organizers are defending […]


Some moments in international competition should never die

If you’re anything like us then you can’t wait until the pageantry and spectacle that is the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics kicks off on August 8, 2008. So, what the hell are you supposed to do for the next 14 months and change until the opening ceremonies? Well, we can’t entertain you for that long, […]

Ben Johnson is still disgracing Canada after all these years

Sorry Ben, they still haven’tforgotten. Canada has lots of enduring qualities: clean air, government sponsored health care, Labatt Blue Beer (actually the jury is still out on that one), and according to Bowling for Columbine, nobody bothers to lock their doors. Oh and don’t forget that its home to North America’s version of Amsterdam in […]

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