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Backyard boneheads

Pro wrestling gets virtually no respect, constantly getting treated like a joke amongst the sporting spectrum. Hell, the potheads at the X-Games are given more legitimacy than wrasslers. But there is a group of guys who are undeniably more mentally challenged than pro wrestlers: backyard wrestlers! – Watch more free videos

Roof + fence + jumping = OUCH!

What ever happened to just playing baseball when you’re at a baseball field? Kids these days!

Something to be thankful for

Thanksgiving always has a way of creeping up on us, but this year we actually remembered before the Wednesday night prior to the big day. So, considering that we’re in the seasonal spirit a bit early this year, we thought we’d bring you a video you can be thankful for. At least you can be […]

This is what happens when Jackass and the Golf Channel violently cross paths

Yeah, it’s Monday and, yeah, life kinda stinks when you have to leave your weekends of football and ice coldies for another five days of slaving for the man.  Well, here’s a great way to let out some of that left over aggression or to pick you back up from a Monday morning let down. […]

Who’s up for some Groinball? (Yup, it’s basically what you think it is)

We make no secrets about it; we just love watching guys crumple in pain after a perfectly placed shot to the nuts. Then we found out that there is an entire sport dedicated to our passion. It’s called Groinball and it’s got rules and everything. At least the YouTube description says it does. Groinball is […]

For the future track and field stars of America: javelins are sharp

July 7, 2007 will probably be remembered for the lavish, Hollywood wedding of Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria and San Antonio point guard Tony Parker, but while big time celebrities were getting drunk and dancing in France, Kyler Osborne was being impaled on a javelin. The 14-year-old Osborne was practicing his favorite event for the […]

Apparently, there’s no rule against biting in rugby

While we don’t do a lot of rugby reporting, you’ll never catch us calling rugby players soft; especially after we heard about Ben Czislowski. Back on April 1, Czislowski was rugby-ing it up for his Australian club (Wynnum) against the appropriately named Tweed Heads when he had a nasty collision with the competition’s Matt Austin. […]

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