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Case closed on the great Gator trophy caper

The mystery that was the smashed crystal football outside Florida coach Urban Meyer’s office has been solved. The Waterford crystal trophy was destroyed last week after falling off a coffee table and crashing to the floor and the program was hush-hush about how it all went down, leaving the door wide open for conspiracy theories […]

Richard Zednik is one tough hombre

Richard Zednik spoke to the media for the first time since his horrific, neck-slashing accident almost two weeks ago, stating he’s ready to get back on the ice. It’s some pretty impressive stuff considering it looked like he might not even make it out of the arena alive as he left a river of blood […]

Richard Zednik’s throat gets slashed by teammate’s skate

Hockey is a sport that is not meant for the weak at heart. And we aren’t just talking about the players. If you’re the least bit squeamish then you might want to turn you head for this. Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik took an inadvertent skate to the throat during yesterday’s game against the Sabres, […]

"Mr. Automatic" to the rescue!!

Norm Johnson spent 18 years in the NFL as a placekicker where he nailed his share of game-winners. But none of that matter to a Seattle woman who just knows him as her hero. The woman, Virginia Sayson, was driving when her car hit a patch of ice, throwing it into a skid before sending […]

Rope burns should be the least of your worries when playing tug-of-war

When you think about tug-of-war, you usually don’t think about the possibility for serious injury. After all, it’s just a bunch of people pulling on a rope. What’s the worst thing that could happen, the fat guy serving as anchor falls on his butt? Wrong, try having your hands cut off. Parker (Colorado) police said […]

Monster truck loses control and drives into crowd of people

In Dekalb, Illinois, at least nine people were injured when a monster truck that was performing stunts on a closed section of a downtown street lost control and drove into the crowd on Thursday. Apparently, the truck was driving over cars and such in an attempt to promote a local auto parts store when the […]

The Mariner Moose gets off Scot free

Just to show you how unique and individual the world of sports is, not only are you allowed to punch people repeatedly in boxing, crush their bodies in football and deliver some vicious hits in hockey, but apparently you can now dress up like a jackass and virtually run over a professional baseball player and […]

For the future track and field stars of America: javelins are sharp

July 7, 2007 will probably be remembered for the lavish, Hollywood wedding of Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria and San Antonio point guard Tony Parker, but while big time celebrities were getting drunk and dancing in France, Kyler Osborne was being impaled on a javelin. The 14-year-old Osborne was practicing his favorite event for the […]

Minor league first base coach is killed by line drive

In a freak accident, the first base coach of the minor league Tulsa Drillers was killed on Sunday night after a line drive struck him in the head. The horrible mishap occurred in the ninth inning when Tino Sanchez hit a foul ball that went straight for coach Mike Coolbaugh as he stood by first […]

Could sibling rivalry could be behind fencing "accident"? We say yes.

We know that people absolutely love the Pan American Games and even more than that, people absolutely love the sport of fencing. One of our personal favorites in the world of fencing is Brazilian Ivan Schwantes. Unfortunately, Schwantes was forced to withdraw from the competition after his brother and our new most hated man in […]

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