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"Mr. Automatic" to the rescue!!

Norm Johnson spent 18 years in the NFL as a placekicker where he nailed his share of game-winners. But none of that matter to a Seattle woman who just knows him as her hero.

The woman, Virginia Sayson, was driving when her car hit a patch of ice, throwing it into a skid before sending the car flipping over into a ditch. Sayson was knocked unconscious momentarily and when she awoke, she found herself upside-down, trapped inside the car as water flooded into the cabin.

She removed her seatbelt, crawled into the back of the car, frantically searched for her cell phone with no success and then, out of nowhere, the former Seahawk showed up on the scene.

I was screaming, ‘Please help me,’ ” Sayson said. “He came back with a big rock, gave me a sign to back up and he broke the window,” Sayson said.

Johnson, 47, initially tried to force open all of the doors, but they were pinned. He even tried kicking the window, but couldn’t break the glass because the car was “at a weird angle.”

The rock did the trick.

Ahhh, we love a story with a happy ending. And what really makes this a truly inspiring act is the selflessness Johnson displayed after the heroic deed. He doesn’t need or want recognition for his act; nope, just a little reciprocation would be nice.

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” Johnson said. “If I was in a car upside down, I would hope somebody would come out and save me.


[]: Former Seahawk kicker pulls motorist from ditch
[]: Former Seahawks kicker rescues woman from car

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