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Pint-sized pain

Don’t ask us why, but we love seeing little kids get hurt. Not seriously injured, but enough to make them cry like little titty babies. So, today, we went to and got more than our daily fill of kid-pain. Here’s a tike learning the downside of being a man: See more funny videos and […]

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Kids, golf, strippers and water guns; need we say more?

Golf is a great game for youngsters. It is capable of teaching kids a plethora of life skills like patience, planning, decision-making and sportsmanship to name a few. Oh, and it prepares them for life at the nuddie bar as well. Young golfers, ages 7 to 12, had not completed their Monday morning tournament before […]

Pint-sized karate kid wins the hearts of MMA fans

We love MMA. After all, there is nothing better than watching a fight and anticipating that special moment when one grown man delivers a vicious knockout blow to another grown man. Check that, we just found something better: kid KOs. See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Batting practice just got fun again

Some guys are just born lucky, growing up with all the advantages needed to help them become baseball legends, like Ken Griffey Jr. or Barry Bonds. Others kids aren’t so fortunate. In fact, some us couldn’t even afford balls when we aspiring big leaguers, but, hey, that’s what lil’ brothers are for.

Wheelchairs and escalators do not go well together

We really thought the youth of America took a giant stride forward after invading a Bass Pro Shop and taking an unannounced dip in the manmade fishin’ pond, but turns out that when you stick them in a mall, they become total morons…as usual.

Roof + fence + jumping = OUCH!

What ever happened to just playing baseball when you’re at a baseball field? Kids these days!

Cincinnati screws little kids after murder ends their football tournament

Just what any confused anddepressed kid wants to see. A group of children witnessed the horrific sight of a homicide as they participated in a football tournament back on August 12. The game, which was established to promote nonviolence throughout the Cincinnati community, was cut tragically short when Dante Allen cold-bloodedly shot Earnest Crear in […]

Travis Henry consistently produces, both on and off the field

Travis Henry got banged up in a game against the Cowboys a few weeks back and his status for opening day has been somewhat up in the air. However, it’s starting to look like Henry will be healthy for the start of the season, which is great news for all of his fantasy owners. But, […]

These kids should invest in some steel toed soccer cleats

We’ve seen some pretty ingenious practical jokes in our days, but weighing down a soccer ball so that it’s as hard as a rock is about as good as it gets. The simplicity of it all is what really makes this a classic prank. The leapfrog gag is a tad outdated, but we still appreciate […]

Helmets + boxing = safe; right?

Kids (boys) love to fight; simple as that. And they are going to do anything to get their fix of physicality. So, now there is a new sensation sweeping the youth of the nation and it is called helmet boxing. Basically, it’s boxing while wearing helmets and gloves and it occurs anywhere and everywhere you […]

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