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Cincinnati screws little kids after murder ends their football tournament

Just what any confused anddepressed kid wants to see. A group of children witnessed the horrific sight of a homicide as they participated in a football tournament back on August 12. The game, which was established to promote nonviolence throughout the Cincinnati community, was cut tragically short when Dante Allen cold-bloodedly shot Earnest Crear in […]

Volleyball player passed physical just two days before giving birth, murdering baby

We don’t usually report on women’s college volleyball, but we’re going to make an exception for this eerie and disturbing tale out of Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA. On Monday, police revealed that an 18-year-old team member was administered a physical and cleared to play volleyball just two days before she gave birth! Apparently the […]

Ex-NFL player throws old man off balcony

At one time, Hubert D. Thompson was considered to be the top-rated defensive end prospect in the nation by many analysts. Now, the former Spartan and Saint will be need to learn how to become proficient at defending his own rear end because he’s about to be locked up for a long time. Thompson was […]

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