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Odds and Ends: Hey, is that Caron Butler at your birthday party?

From DC Sports Bog comes a story of how Caron Butler had nothing better to do so he showed up at some kid’s suprise birthday party. [Caron] said everyone in the community has been “real courteous and very kind” to him, and that local fans have supported him since he’s been here, and that he […]

Odds and Ends: In case you want to get Jeff Garcia something for his wedding

Some guy over at the Fanhouse did some top-notch investigative journalism and found Jeff Garcia and Carmella DeCesare’s wedding registry on Williams-Sonoma. For a guy who just signed a $7M contract, Garcia’s registry is somewhat normal. Outside of a $1,600 knife set (on sale for $1,200!), it’s like a registry you’d find for poor people. […]

Jan 8 in Sports History: The Music City Miracle

After the 90.5 degree lateral from Wycheck In 2000: An otherwise nondescript AFC Wild Card game suddenly found itself joining the Immaculate Reception, the Hail Mary and The Drive in pantheon of unbelievable playoff finishes. The Tennessee Titans were locked in a defensive struggle with the visiting Buffalo Bills in the first playoff game of […]

Everyone relax… it’s still the San Francisco 49ers

Hello Santa Clara! Everyone is up in arms today because the 49ers have announced that they’re going to build their next stadium in Santa Clara instead of the current site at Candlestick Point. Let us fill you in on something, it’s all just one big suburb of San Francisco anyway. If you can drag yourself […]

Sep 5 in Sports History: Cassius Clay wins Gold

In 1960: A young boxer from Louisville named Cassius Clay (His mamma named him Cassius, we gonna call him Cassius) won the Gold Medal in the light heavyweight division at the Rome Olympics. The 18-year-old future heavyweight champ defeated Zbiginew Pietrzykowski of Poland by a unanimous decision. He turned pro later that year and changed […]

Welcome the Santa Clara 49ers

The Niners are planning a $600M-$800M 68,000 seat stadium to open in 2012. The stadium would be adjacent to their current home at Candlestick/Monster Park. However, the new stadium would depend on approval by the city to approve a mall/entertainment/residential complex right next to the new stadium and some officials say that might require rezoning […]

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