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The Manny Ramirez mood of the day is surprisingly reserved

Sometimes when Manny Ramirez is simply being “Manny” there are no shenanigans or tomfoolery or high jinks involved on his part. Sometimes Manny is literally just being Manny and zaniness occurs around him. Like when the Red Sox went to Seattle to play the Mariners and Man-Ram got a post game lecturing from a cop.

Seems that Boston slugger Manny Ramirez was leaving the ballpark, with headphones on trying to look inconspicuous and quickly get away from the crowds still leaving the stadium. He started to cross South Royal Brougham Way, against the signals of a traffic cop who was directing pedestrians. The police officer demanded that Ramirez open his wallet and show identification. He warned him that he could face a $500 fine and possible arrest for disobeying a police officer.

It became clear to those watching that the policeman had no idea who Ramirez was. He didn’t ask for an autograph or anything, but did ask Ramirez if he’d attended the game. After the brief lecture, and no argument from Ramirez, the police officer let him go with no further trouble.

Wow, Ramirez really is learning to take the high road and curb his behaviors. We thought for sure the incident would get a “Do you know who I am?” outta Manny or at the very least he would have run away and tried to hide inside the nearest wall.


[Mariners Blog]: Lester dominates; Ramirez lectured by traffic cop

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Red Sox and black eyes

The Red Sox and the Rays played a ho-hum game for about an inning and a half before the good times really began to roll as Coco Crisp charged the mound with ferocity causing the benches to clear in an all-out WWE-style brawl. And, of course, at the end of the clip is footage of Manny being Manny.


[]: Video of the Red Sox Rays brawl and Youkilis Manny Ramirez argument in the dugout

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Red Sox security guard has impromptu try-out for the Patriots

In case you happen to ever get so blitzed out of your mind that you decide to jump the fence and go running across the outfield at a major league baseball game, here’s a word of advice: Keep your head on a swivel!

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This is why you shouldn’t eat buttered popcorn at the ballpark

You know when you’re heading into the end zone and you’re a yard shy and you start to celebrate and you drop the football? This guy does. – Watch more free videos

Hey, that’s what we said!

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It’s not a secret anymore. Manny Ramirez loves reading self-help book "The Secret"

You always hear about “Manny being Manny,” but who is Manny Ramirez really? Well, here’s a little tidbit about the Red Sox outfielder that you might not know: Manny is totally into Manny being the best Manny that Manny can be.

It’s all about inner peace with Ramirez nowadays. He’s into yoga and meditation and all-around relaxation of the mind, body and soul. Oddly enough, he’s even turning to self-help books like Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret because, as stated in the book’s synopsis, “By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.”

Yep, Manny is still being Manny.

Everything is possible in life. Hey, whatever you want to be in life, you could be.”

Manny seemed like a new man Thursday, sitting at his locker with a peaceful look and a soft voice in a 10-minute interview with The Associated Press, then taking the inspirational book, “The Secret,” from his shelf and using a pink highlighter to mark passages.

“Hey, you’re the architect of your life,” he said. “Let me tell you something. We’ve got so much bad stuff inside, it’s up to us to make the best of it.” …

Now he’s engrossed in “The Secret.”

“It’s about life. It’s good. You should read it. Go and buy it,” he advised a reporter. “Sometimes you go and read a book and that person who wrote it, all his experience that he got in 50 years, you get in one day if you read a book.”

Nearby, Ramirez’s buddy, David Ortiz, said Ramirez hasn’t changed much as a person – just a laid-back, friendly man who sometimes simply prefers not talking with reporters. But Big Papi has seen a change in Ramirez’s interests.

“He’s taking some meditation class now. He thinks that might help him to get his spirit going around so he can go to different places,” Ortiz said with a look that indicated he’s not convinced. “Some crazy stuff, you know how it is.

“Manny fools people. Manny does a lot of things that people don’t think he would normally do, but he’s got his own program.


[]: Sox slugger Ramirez discusses life

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SlumpBuster: same great taste, but now with extra sexism

Resorting to a “slump buster” isn’t exactly the highpoint of any major leaguer’s career, but, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do in order to get on the winning side of things. Well, Kevin Youkilis is hoping that SlumpBusters becomes the hottest trend in all of sports. Of course, we are talking about Youkilis’ new energy drink cleverly titled “SlumpBuster” and in no way are we referring to the association between baseball players and easy, overweight women. At least, that’s what his agent says.

Unfortunately, like many common sayings, the `slumpbuster’ term can also be twisted to having negative connotations,” said Youk’s agent, Joe Bick of Pro Star Management, in an e-mail. “That would be incorrect in this particular case, and not something Kevin would condone or wish to be associated with. In this particular case, the term should be taken in only the traditional sports sense.”

And that, he contends, is “a commonly used sports expression to describe either a player who does something to break his team’s losing streak, or changing certain routines to break a personal batting slump.

Looks like someone forgot to inform the marketing department about which meaning the drink was utilizing because they seem to have gone with the more unflattering end of the double entendre. Of course, we could be totally misreading the picture of the thick-legged, pantless, large-breasted woman wearing nothing but a jersey that graces the can too.

By the way, has anyone heard about the status of LeBron James’ new energy drink “Hardwood’s Deep Penetration”?


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"Hello, you play to win the game!"

Listen up Red Sox fans; you’re probably stoked about being up 2-0 in the World Series, but do you have any idea what kind of irreparable damage could be done should your boys go on to victory? According to a professor of American culture and history at Bates College, you’re looking at a serious case of identity crisis.

Margaret Creighton says that all those years of being complete and total losers has taken over the souls of the Sox faithful and winning would be such a shock to the system that the entire fan base could potentially experience full-blown existential meltdowns.

It’s really quite jarring for Red Sox fans now to have to deal with success, and it might be repeated,” Creighton told the Sun Journal of Lewiston. “Once could be a fluke, getting rid of the curse … But twice? This is very challenging and, to a degree, upsetting.”

A fan herself, the professor in 2005 taught “Red Sox Nation,” a course examining the culture and history of the team and fans, and she plans to offer it again next year.

The underdog mentality has been forged by decades of disappointment, she said.

Fans think, “We may be scruffy, we may look like ruffians, but we’re scrappy and we fight and work hard,” Creighton said.

Citizens of Red Sox Nation remain fundamentally pessimistic, even after the 2004 victory, she said. “When the Red Sox were down 3-1 against Cleveland, it felt very familiar, almost a little comfortable, because this is where we’ve been.”

Success, she said, would bring accusations that Red Sox fans are arrogant, haughty, “that the Red Sox are the Yankees,” Creighton said. She questions whether fans can handle a second championship “with a degree of humility.”

First off, where the heck were these classes when we were in college? If we had courses like “Super Bowl History” and “NBA: 101” then we might have been able to graduate on the four-year plan.

Secondly, we can’t believe that this broad had the audacity to question the Red Sox loyalists’ ability to display “humility.” If Red Sox fans are anything, it’s meek and humble.


[]: Professor questions whether Sox fans can cope with success

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Fenway Park relocates to Portland, but for a good reason

Just when we start believing that the world is full of nothing but greedy cut-throats, we get pleasantly surprised to come across a story about a kid, his dreams and the people who bring `em to life.

An 8-year-old boy from Portland just got his field of dreams. The Make A Wish Foundation of Maine and the Portland Sea Dogs made Ben Hanna his very own version of Fenway Park in his backyard on Thursday.

Ben suffers from a rare blood disease called Histiocytosis. It causes his white blood cells to attack his lungs. Ben was diagnosed in June, but has been doing much better recently, thanks to chemotherapy.

He loves the Red Sox, especially Coco Crisp, and his wish was to have Fenway at home. The Portland Sea Dogs front office staff and grounds crew spent the day creating the ballpark while Ben was at school. The pitcher’s mound and home plate used to set at Hadlock Field, as did the scoreboard on Ben’s mini-green monster in left field.

Ben was just about speechless when he came home, saying the ballpark was “amazing.”

The Make A Wish Foundation really is one of the greatest organizations on the planet, hands down. But we have to give our gold star of the day to Ben’s neighbor.

Then he got another surprise. A neighbor got him and his father 2 tickets to Thursday’s World Series game at Fenway. After playing ball at home for about an hour, Ben and his dad got in a limo to go to Fenway Park.

Anybody who now trades their tickets for Mexican food or Playboy magazines should be completely ashamed of themselves.


[]: Sick boy gets his field of dreams

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Even Man Ram knows this is a stupid deal

Listen, we understand that there’s nothing better than taking in the World Series atmosphere live and in person, especially when it’s favorite team playing for all the marbles. Likewise, we know that times are tough and money is tight. But get it through you’re head desperate Rockies fans, nobody wants your crap!

We told you about the guy who’s trying to swap a year’s worth of Mexican food (Pepto-Bismol not included) for a couple tickets to the Series. Well, he’s not the only one who’s looking for a flea marketesque bargain on some stubs.

Little league baseball coach Bobby Padilla just wants to take his son to a World Series game, so he’s carted up from his basement boxes full of 25 years worth of Playboy magazines, not a missing month, in mint condition. He bought the magazines nine years ago for $200 as a favor to a friend.

He said it’s because he struck out mixing a lineup of at least 10 computers trying to buy tickets online. He said nobody has inquired about the magazines yet.

Really, wonder why? Could it be because nobody in their right mind would fill their house with boxes and boxes of Playboy bunnies? We’re not saying that people wouldn’t mind having `em; hell, we’d like to relive some of those Bo Derek and Shannon Tweed days ourselves. We’re just saying that nobody is stupid enough to give you World f’n Series tickets for them.

Well, we take that back. There is one man. A shoe man.


[]: Man Will Trade 25 Years Of Playboys For Tickets

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Governors step up to the plate for the World Series’ dumb bet derby

Well, it’s World Series time and you know what that means, right? You got it; it’s time to for politicians to start making moronic bets involving foods which are supposed to be cultural staples. So, what do you got for us this year fellas?

(Massachusetts Gov. Deval) Patrick is putting up lobsters and ice cream vs. beef from (Colorado Gov. Bill) Ritter.

Whooopeee, can’t wait for the BCS National Championship game to roll around so we can do this all again. Wait, there’s more? Oh, no, there’s more.

Patrick and Ritter aren’t the only ones betting on their home teams.

U.S. Sens. Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar of Colorado are wagering Colorado-raised beef, while Massachusetts Sens. Edward Kennedy and John Kerry are countering with New England clam chowder and lobster rolls.

The senators who lose the bet will donate the grub to a charity chosen by the senators who win.

Reps. Mark Udall, Diana DeGette and John Salazar of Colorado have their own bet against Boston-area Reps. Edward Markey, Stephen Lynch and Michael Capuano.

If the Red Sox win, the Colorado representatives treat their counterparts to a meal of steaks and chili. If the Rockies win, the Massachusetts trio foots the bill for chowder and lobster.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper wagered sub sandwiches, herbal tea, tortilla chips, salsa and ice cream against Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s clam chowder, coffee, doughnuts and ice cream sandwiches.

These are each stupid in their own unique ways, but what the heck are Hickenlooper and Menino thinking with their Half Baked grocery list of muchies? You do know that these bets aren’t solely done with the purposes of filling your pockets full of ice cream sandwiches and doughnuts.

Of course, then you’ve got the whole other issue of how these guys are completely outta touch with the baseball world. Frankly, while we find it funny when they pretend to be big fans, we honestly don’t want our politicians keeping up with sports. George `Dubbya’ can barely run the country as it is; do you really want him to be preoccupied with breaking down the pros and cons of Braylon Edwards versus Laveranues Coles?

And, by the way, if you come across any extra tickets, just give this guy a shout.


[]: World Series bet: Beef vs. seafood