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SlumpBuster: same great taste, but now with extra sexism

Resorting to a “slump buster” isn’t exactly the highpoint of any major leaguer’s career, but, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do in order to get on the winning side of things. Well, Kevin Youkilis is hoping that SlumpBusters becomes the hottest trend in all of sports. Of course, we are talking about Youkilis’ new energy drink cleverly titled “SlumpBuster” and in no way are we referring to the association between baseball players and easy, overweight women. At least, that’s what his agent says.

Unfortunately, like many common sayings, the `slumpbuster’ term can also be twisted to having negative connotations,” said Youk’s agent, Joe Bick of Pro Star Management, in an e-mail. “That would be incorrect in this particular case, and not something Kevin would condone or wish to be associated with. In this particular case, the term should be taken in only the traditional sports sense.”

And that, he contends, is “a commonly used sports expression to describe either a player who does something to break his team’s losing streak, or changing certain routines to break a personal batting slump.

Looks like someone forgot to inform the marketing department about which meaning the drink was utilizing because they seem to have gone with the more unflattering end of the double entendre. Of course, we could be totally misreading the picture of the thick-legged, pantless, large-breasted woman wearing nothing but a jersey that graces the can too.

By the way, has anyone heard about the status of LeBron James’ new energy drink “Hardwood’s Deep Penetration”?


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