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David Wells is a blowhard

How is it that the Boston Red Sox have two of the biggest blowhards in the game? Curt Schilling is the biggest media whore this side of T.O. and David Wells will open his big trap to comment on anything.

Last year, Wells blasted Selig on the steroid issue and now he’s dragging ex-teammates through the mud.

You see a little, bitty guy hitting 30 home runs… what, Dellucci, I guess? How many home runs did he hit last year? Twenty-nine. Has he ever done that in his career? How many has he hit this year? So, the numbers have gone down tremendously since all this has come up… I know Dave, I’ve never suspected him of doing them.

Delucci responded that his home run numbers are down because he’s now a bench player. David Wells is such an ass that Red Sox manager Terry Francona and Curt Schilling (there he is again) had to apologize to Delucci on behalf of the entire Red Sox organization.

Today, Wells attempted to sweep the issue under the rug by claiming he was just “making conversation”.

I’ve known David for a long time. I’ve been a teammate. The guy busts his [expletive] in the gym, and he works out hard. We were just making conversation.

I wasn’t accusing him or anything of the sort. So the [expletive] who did it, or the [expletives] who did it, I think they need to [expletive]. And you can quote me on that. [Expletives].

Hey, and you know, when we accused David Wells of being a fat blowhar, we were just making small talk.

[ Remarks prompt apology to Dellucci
[]: Wells attempts to clear the air

Boston Red Sox

This Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is out of control

I guess they’re a little ticked off about Johnny Damon going to the evil empire in Lowell Massachusetts because they’re trying to remove the Yankees from their little league.

When you are a kid playing baseball it is pure fun and worrying about what team you are on should be the least of your concerns,” said Tim Bawmann, General Manager of the Spinners. “It becomes an issue where kids are devastated when they find out they are on the Yankees. Many kids actually pray they will not be on the Yankees when the rosters and teams are announced.

We figured the easiest and best solution was replace those Yankee teams with the Spinners, who are part of the Boston Red Sox system.

Seems awfully silly to me. Most kids playing little league are just happy they don’t have to play soccer. When you spend most of your time in right field picking your nose, you don’t really worry about what name is on your uniform. We can’t nearly muster up as much anger for this story as this guy though. His reaction is better than the story itself.

Boston Red Sox

Theo Epstein back from chasing stray tail

Look, Theo, if all you wanted was a 10 week vacation, why didn’t you just say so? You brought the Red Sox their first championship in a hundred years. You’re 32 and rich. If you wanted some time to bang some Fenway Groupies, we understand. What was all that heart and soul bull you fed us?

So now you’re back. In some nebulous role that we’ll find out more about next week. Great. This doesn’t help all the heartbroken girls and guys about Johnny Damon’s departure for the evil empire. Here’s hoping you don’t pull a Dan Marino and leave in a few weeks when it’s golfing weather again.

[]: Epstein to rejoin Red Sox

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Red Sox sue to keep World Series ball

I know everyone says possession is 9/10 the law but I think the Red Sox pulled a fast one on Doug Mientkiewicz. When he loaned the ball to the Sox, the loan agreement stated he would get the ball back after a year ”unless the ultimate issue of ownership has been otherwise resolved.”

I guess he thought it wouldn’t get resolved and he’d get the ball back. Not so fast. Boston and their lawyers are suing to keep the ball. I don’t know where you guys side on this one but it seems to be like a museum deciding to keep a painting they got on loan from someone.