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Sports greatest fashion faux pas

If you think sports have always been as dapper as they are now then you’re sadly mistaken. Obviously, you’re new to the game because there have been some absolutely horrid fashion trends that swept through the world of sports. Sure, at the time they seemed like the coolest thing ever, but with time comes wisdom. […]

And the award for "World’s Most Hardcore Fans" goes to…

These guys aren’t even close So you think you’re a pretty hardcore sports fan, huh? But do you really know where on the wide spectrum of hardcoreness you and your fellow fans truly lie? If you think simply painting yourself with the official team colors and memorizing the media guide is all it takes to […]

We didn’t even know there was 1, let alone 10 ‘Top Ping Pong Shots of All Time’

First off, we thought that seriously competitive ping pong was just something thrown into Forrest Gump as story filler. We were pretty taken back to find out it actually exists in the real world. Who knew? What’s next; are you going to try and tell us that people actually fence in real life too? Secondly, […]

Hey, Colorado! You didn’t think ol’ Dave was gonna let you off the hook, did ya?

Hey, the Rockies had a great run. Nobody expected them to make it into the World Series, but they did. And nobody expected them to get swept out after such an incredible run leading up to the big showdown with the Red Sox, but they did. So, for all you Colorado fans out there, here […]

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