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Odds and Ends: hops into the trading card game

Trade you a Jack Glasscock for your Cunnilingus After’s embarrassing/hilarious mix-up involving sprinter Tyson Homosexual Gay, it was announced that the Christian news website will begin creating sports trading cards. Basically, they’re going to be similar to Garbage Pail Kids, but without the Scratch `n Stink cards. Luckily, was able to get their […]

No anal fissures here (sorry Kaz Matsui), but these are still some really strange injuries

We called in sick to work today and told our boss that we were “murdered and then set on fire” while celebrating our birthdays. He’s a total moron, so he bought it, but we have to bring in a doctor’s note which we’ll be forging during Judge Judy this afternoon. Anyways, while we were surfing […]

Indonesia’s newest sport is no laughing matter…OK, maybe it is

If you’re like millions of other Americans then you probably don’t have a single ounce of athletic ability in your entire body. For years you’ve been relegated to the sidelines, participating in sports by being a fan. Well, get off your couch and start stretching your vocal chords because we’ve found a sport than can […]

First a beagle wins best in show and now this!

Hunting is foreign to us. We’ve never sat in a tree for hours on end, waiting patiently for a turkey or a deer or a pig to cross our path so we could pump it full of lead. Bobby Knight might love it, but it just isn’t our cup of tea. However, we do love […]

Okay; so there’s rock, paper and scissors. Wait, we don’t get it.

If you that `Finger Jousting dudes‘ took themselves way too seriously, just get a load of `Rock, Paper, Scissors guys.’ Well, “scissor me timbers!”

Maybe there’s something to this Billy Goat curse after all

Chicago Cubs fans don’t mess around when it comes time for postseason ball. In fact, they get down right nasty. Literally. Gary Yamashiroya, commander of the Chicago Police district that includes Wrigley, told the Chicago Sun-Times in a story posted Saturday on its Web site that officers were called out to the ballpark at 5:35 […]

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