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First a beagle wins best in show and now this!

Hunting is foreign to us. We’ve never sat in a tree for hours on end, waiting patiently for a turkey or a deer or a pig to cross our path so we could pump it full of lead. Bobby Knight might love it, but it just isn’t our cup of tea. However, we do love dogs. So, it was a big time shock to us to hear that bloodhounds aren’t the only dogs that come in handy when you’re out in the woods looking for game. Turns out that god’s cruel joke on the world of canines are actually blood thirsty beasts.

Poodles were the original hunting dog, brought to Eastern Europe from Asia. They just took a wrong turn when they came to the U.S.,” said Eileen Jaskowski, among a handful of breeders determined to set the direction straight.

This may seem a strange quest to anyone whose perception of poodles starts with velvet cushions and ends with rhinestone collars. But Jaskowski is dead serious — as illustrated by an excited dog with a mallard clutched in its teeth.

Wow, talk about an eye opener. Who knew? What’s next, is someone going to tell us that pugs are ideal for mountain top rescues if you latch a keg of brandy under their necks?


[Denver]: Poodles ready to hunt

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54 pit bulls win the lottery

Now it is starting to become clear why Michael Vick simply strangled, beat, shot or electrocuted pit bulls that were no longer of service…those mutts have some serious upkeep!

Vick was basically ordered to fork over almost $1 million for the care of the 54 dogs that were seized from his Virginia home several months back. The exact amount Vick set aside for the pooches was a cool $928,073. In case you’re wondering, that’s $17,186.54 per pit bull!

We know that vet bills can be expensive, but damn! Throw in some Kibbles-n-Bits, a few chew toys and we’re talking a couple hundred bucks a year, right? Oh, of course, poker money.


[]: Vick Will Pay $1M For Care Of Seized Dogs

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Add canine killer to the list of pseudonyms for Michael Vick

You can blame Michael Vick for this!

The judge is still out on the whole Michael Vick dog fighting case, but one thing we do know is that out of all the dogs seized on Vick’s property, all 65 of them, nearly all will have to be put to sleep. Way to go, Mike!

Almost 100 percent” of animals seized in dog fighting investigations are euthanized because they have a level of aggression that makes them dangerous pets and neighbors, said John Goodwin, a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States.

Vick can claim whatever he wants at this point, but that’s not going to slow down business at the Chesapeake animal crematorium. Actually, we have no idea where the dogs, mostly pit bulls, are being held at the moment because other sick individuals have been known to steal fighting dogs from shelters for their own personal canine Blood Sport reenactments.

While it sucks to see all these innocent animals get put down because they were just products of a miserable situation, you can’t blame the Humane Society for doing what they gotta do. Would you want those trained killers living next door to you? Goodwin didn’t think so.

It’s simply not fair to someone who has a black lab or a Yorkie to have a fighting dog next door because if that dog gets loose, he’s going to … kill that person’s pet,” Goodwin said, making it clear he was speaking in generic terms only.

The only suitable punishment for Vick at this point is ferret legging the bastard.


[]: Pit Bulls In Vick Case Likely To Be Euthanized