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Odds and Ends: hops into the trading card game

Trade you a Jack Glasscock for your Cunnilingus After’s embarrassing/hilarious mix-up involving sprinter Tyson Homosexual Gay, it was announced that the Christian news website will begin creating sports trading cards. Basically, they’re going to be similar to Garbage Pail Kids, but without the Scratch `n Stink cards. Luckily, was able to get their […]

Around the Rim: San Antoni-oh no!

1. San Antonio plays the waiting game The Spurs grabbed their 15th victory of the season, but the win was meaningless as the organization waits patiently for the results of an MRI on Tim Duncan’s right leg on Monday. Duncan was injured in the second quarter when he tried to spin around Portland’s James Jones […]

Stephon Marbury starts flopping like a fish outta water

Apparently Stephon Marbury is somewhat tapped into reality because after having a few days to soak up all of America’s outrage and hate towards him, he’s rethought his comments about Michael Vick’s situation and is currently in damage control mode. What Michael Vick did was wrong, and he has admitted his guilt,” Marbury said in […]

Stephon Marbury just can’t shut up

So, we were sitting there watching SportsCenter as they ran a package of reactions from the sports world on the Michael Vick guilty plea when suddenly Stephon Marbury popped up on the screen. Immediately our ears perked up and we inched to the edge of our seats to make sure we were ready for the […]

Stephon Marbury opens his yapper again

Kevin Garnett getting dealt to the Boston Celtics is the biggest trade, both literally (7-for-1 deal) and figuratively, to go down in a long, long time. And most people tend to believe that the deal is a positive for everyone involved, including the Eastern Conference and NBA as a whole. Well, everyone except for Stephon […]

Stephon Marbury is planning on taking the Italian basketball world by storm

Hey, Italy, he’s all yours! If you’ve been keeping up with the life and times of Stephon Marbury then you know that he’s been seemingly going insane of late. Maybe it’s from an overexposure to cheap sneaker materials or maybe it’s a crack addiction, but something is causing Starbury to say some pretty strange things. […]

Stephon Marbury makes no sense

This is a train wreck of a television interview with Stephon Marbury where he seems like he might be drunk or high.  At around the 8 minute mark, his phone rings and he says, “I’m sorry about that… that was my better ho.”

Odds and Ends: Tony Parker would like you to know he’s getting some

We’re pretty sure that this was prompted by Tony Parker getting sick of everyone asking him why he wasn’t getting any — Eva Longoria went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show (the world is indeed ending) and announced that she and Tony were still having sex and that the rumor that she was holding out for […]

Stephon Marbury verbally pimp slaps Lebron james

When asked whether he could endorse a $15 sneaker like Marbury does, Lebron said, “No, I don’t think so. Me being with Nike, we hold our standards high.” That’s a nice little dis but probably not meant with as much derision as it seems. Yet, Starbury being Starbury came up the best retort we’ve heard […]

Around the Rim: Garnett regret

1. Run, Kevin, Run! Last night was not a good night to be on the Minnesota Timberwolves. Well, it wasn’t so bad until about halfway through the third quarter. That’s when Seattle decided to put the Super back in front of Sonics and erased a 25 point deficit with 51-18 run over the remainder of […]

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