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Stephon Marbury opens his yapper again

Kevin Garnett getting dealt to the Boston Celtics is the biggest trade, both literally (7-for-1 deal) and figuratively, to go down in a long, long time. And most people tend to believe that the deal is a positive for everyone involved, including the Eastern Conference and NBA as a whole. Well, everyone except for Stephon Marbury of course.

Marbury recently opened his mouth and, as usual, a whole bunch of smack talk came gushing out of his pie-hole; mostly dogging Minnesota GM Kevin McHale. Apparently, Starbury has unpleasant memories of McHale and he’s not too happy that his equally mentally unstable cousin, Sebastian Telfair, ended up with the Timberwolves as a result of the blockbuster trade.

When I do speak to (Sebastian) I’ll wish him good luck and tell him to be careful around Kevin McHale,” Marbury said.

“As far as my little cousin, I wish him all the best because he’s got to deal with Kevin McHale,” Marbury said. “I wouldn’t want to play for Kevin McHale. When I left, all of a sudden I became a bad person from his standpoint. I became selfish and jealous of Kevin.

We really can’t blame Marbury for not liking McHale; after all, he is possibly the worst GM in the history of GMs, but we don’t see where he’s coming from when he starts blabbering about how his Knicks have a leg up on the new look Celtics. Yeah, ok.

On paper, they’re a really good team with guys who can really play, but they still have to get on the court and do it,” Marbury said. “Chemistry is everything. We look good on paper, too, and we have a year under our belts.

“I’m not thinking about Boston,” Marbury added. “I’m only thinking about the New York Knicks. Our new nickname is nice and nasty. That’s how we’re coming.

“Nice and nasty”???? Considering the rap sheets and erratic behavior of the Knicks club, we think that “drunk and high” is a much more appropriate moniker.


[]: Steph says don’t fear KG, Celts