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Odds and Ends: This whole Alex Rodriguez sex scandal could have easily been avoided

Athletes and infidelity go together like peanut butter and jelly or like athletes and hookers. They’re simply made for each other, but that doesn’t mean that the cheating has to become public. According to, an athlete doesn’t have to keep it in their pants in order to keep their name out of the paper. […]

So, if FSU athletes aren’t studying then what are they staring at all day long?

Bad news for Seminoles fans; you’re athletes are cheaters. But then again, so are your `athletic department academic assistance employees’. Yeah, and we’re supposed to believe that athletes across America don’t get preferential treatment. School officials say two athletic department academic assistance employees have resigned and 23 athletes were implicated in cheating on tests given […]

Even Roger Goodell bows down to the great Bill Belichick

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who thinks that NFL commish Roger Goodell just got soft. After Bill Belichick intentionally broke the rules during the very first week of the season, Goodell decided to dish out measly fines of $500,000 to Belichick, $250,000 to the Patriots and took away the team’s first-round draft pick […]

Odds and Ends: The Sport of Kings

Hunt organizers are accused of plying a tame bear with vodka-drench honey so that the King of Spain, Juan Carlos would have an easier time of killing a bear during a recent hunting excursion. Apparently, Russian hunt organizers have done this before as they used to ply animals with booze or tie them to trees […]

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