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Baron Davis wants to have a staring contest with you

The Warriors missed the playoffs this year, so Baron Davis is seriously jonzing for some competition right now. And we mean he is REALLY desperate. Hey, its tough going from embarrassing the No. 1 seed one year to sitting on your couch the next. Word on the street is that BD just put out an […]

Around the Rim: It’s over

1. There will be no Charles Barkley “midget” talk this postseason The Denver Nuggets are in the playoffs and they have the Suns to thank. Phoenix recovered from a horrible third quarter in which they gave up 38 points to the Warriors to pull away to a 122-116 victory and put away any glimmer of […]

Around the Rim: Disappointing debut

1. Chicago shocker Chris Webber made his return to Golden State on Thursday evening, but the beleaguered Bulls somehow managed to ruin his second debut. It was Chris Duhon, not Webber, who stole the show, scoring a career-high 34 points, lifting the Bulls to 114-108 road victory. Duhon’s previous season-high was just 13 points. Joe […]

Baron Davis just loves him some Soulja Boy

Ever wonder what the best basketball players in the world are doing when timeout gets called? You might think that they’re focused on the Xs and Os being diagramed, but you’d be wrong. Apparently, they do the Soulja Boy; whatever that is. Links: [The Big Lead]: Baron Davis, Quite the Comic

Stephen Jackson picks right back up where he left off, making a fool of himself

We know that pro athletes are notorious for using their bodies as canvases. So, it’s really not all that surprising to hear that Stephen Jackson of the Golden State Warriors got a new tattoo over the summer. However, it is pretty shocking to hear what Jackson decided to get. Stephen Jackson reported to the Golden […]

Odds and Ends: Everybody on the Warriors Bandwagon

When did Snoop adopt 2 white kids? There’s still time to jump on the ever expanding Warriors bandwagon folks. Their second round series begins tonight against the Utah Jazz. Don’t be ashamed, folks, the Warriors barely register in NBA rivalries and nobody actually hates the Warriors so it’s ok to front run with the boys […]

Photoshop Geeks have their fun with Charles Barkley

By now, you’ve heard about Charles Barkley saying he hates the Bay Area. We’re pretty sure it’s just the Chuckster being the Chuckster but that didn’t prevent some hurt feelings and some retribution from Warriors fans. Even Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes fought back by making fun of Charles’ Fave 5 commercial. According […]

Nov 4 in Sports History: Latrell Sprewell chokes PJ Carlesimo

Damn I’d like to choke him again In 1997: Latrell Sprewell of the Golden State Warriors was suspended for one year by the NBA for assaulting his coach, PJ Carlesimo. During a practice, Carlesimo supposedly criticized Sprewell’s passing, and after Carlesimo confronted him, Sprewell choked his head coach until he was pulled off by teammates. […]

Odds and Ends: Chris Mullin is also living in the past

Not to be outdone by their Bay Area neighbors the Raiders, the Warriors today announced that Mike Montgomery will leave the team and Don Nelson will take over sometime this week. The last time the Warriors made the playoffs (1994), Don Nelson was their coach. Maybe Chris Mullin is going to suit back up. In […]

Ghetto Prom in Oaktown!

What is going on with the Bay Area and racial insensitivity. First, the San Francisco 49ers had an in-house training video that featured racist jokes. Then 20 SFPD officers were suspended for a racist video that made fun of, well, basically everyone. Now, the PR manager for the Golden State Warriors, Eric Govan, has been […]

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