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With the first and second picks in the 2008 Draft, the Miami Heat select…?

You might think the NBA season is over now that the Boston Celtics have earned the franchise’s 17th championship, but there is no time to rest. In case you’ve forgotten, the Draft is right around the corner, Thursday to be exact, meaning there’s a whole lotta wheelin’ and dealin’ going on. Actually, there has been […]

Around the Rim: It’s over

1. There will be no Charles Barkley “midget” talk this postseason The Denver Nuggets are in the playoffs and they have the Suns to thank. Phoenix recovered from a horrible third quarter in which they gave up 38 points to the Warriors to pull away to a 122-116 victory and put away any glimmer of […]

ESPN’s fantasy football draft bombs before it even goes live

When it comes to news about the NFL, ESPN is usually a pretty accurate channel to turn to. However, when it comes to the world of fantasy football, we’ve learned that it’s better to just skip out on the juggernaut’s advice or, at least, their fantasy draft specials. Tonight at 6:30 CT, ESPN will be […]

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