Golfers experience a 16th hole holdup

Golf courses are getting harder and harder everyday. Between the woods, the water and the rough, most amateur hackers have their hands full just completing all 18 holes. And that was before some courses started implementing golf’s newest hazard: the armed robber.

An armed robbery on the golf course at Brynwood Country Club Saturday morning startled a foursome and their caddies, but could not keep the club’s golfers from their game.

When the party of six, four golfers and two caddies, reached the 16th tee shortly after 11 a.m. a lone gunman emerged from nearby woods and said, “Give me your money,” according to police.

Armed with a handgun and covering his face with a mask, the gunman robbed two of the golfers and one of the caddies before fleeing into the woods at the club, located at 6200 W. Good Hope Road.

Officials at the club said the foursome finished their round of golf following the incident.

Finished their round, huh? Sounds like these dudes were either some really cool customers or somebody in the foursome invested in the discrete urinary necessity, the UroClub.


[Steady Burn]: Golfers Robbed at Gun Point on the 16th Tee
[]: Golfers robbed on the 16th tee, continued their round of golf

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Russian tennis princess gets robbed at gunpoint

If you thought that the curse of money ended with the NFL and the NBA then you’d be wrong. In fact, if you thought greedy, violent criminals and their get-rich-quick schemes were secluded to the United States then you’d be wrong. Turns out those wacky Russians are some aggressive, money-hungry scandals as well.

Tennis star Anna Chakvetadze was tied up by a group of masked men at gunpoint at her home in Russia on Tuesday, robbing her of about $106,000 in cash and around $200,000 in jewelry and other things around her home, according to her father.

Six assailants approached the home outside Moscow before dawn, tied up a maid in another building and forced her to hand over a remote control enabling them to enter the house through the garage, Dzhamal Chakvetadze told NTV television.

“They started to beat me, and I resisted. They hit me over the head with, I think, a pistol butt. It was dark,” he said, taking off his cap to show his bruised scalp. “They took out a pistol and told me my child was at home – reminded me – and they told me to hand everything over. I did.”

Police and Russia tennis coach Shamil Tarpishchev said the assailants tied up Chakvetadze and her parents, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported. Tarpishchev said the 20-year-old player, ranked No. 6, “tried to resist but it was useless,” ITAR-Tass reported.

Maybe we’re just poor sports bloggers who can’t conceive this type of stuff, but $106,000 in cash?!?! Don’t you need a special in-house safe like Scrooge McDuck had in his mansion if you’re holding that kind of paper? Unless you’re Tony Montana, then we say use a freakin’ bank.

Oh, and it’s probably not advised to advertise your wealth on your website. We understand that everyone already knows you’re loaded, but, c’mon, you’re just asking for trouble.

I’m sort of embarrassed to admit but I’m into jewelry too, Hehe…One of my weaknesses are sport cars. Ferrari in particular.


[]: Russian Tennis Star Tied Up, Robbed At Her Home

NFL General

The Juice is loose!

By now, you must have heard about the Juice’s little Las Vegas incident that got him a total of 11 offenses ranging from conspiracy to commit kidnapping to robbery to assault, all by way of a deadly weapon. If O.J. is convicted then he could be facing life behind bars, but for now he’s out on bail.

Simpson had a hearing that lasted for about ten minutes on Wednesday morning and was granted bail by the judge. His bond was set at $125,000.

While we were a little shocked to hear that the loudmouthed decapitator is outta the clink, we were even more shocked to see the further softening of NFL commish Roger Goodell. Letting Bill Belichick off the hook is one thing, but letting O.J. back in the league is completely out of line.


[AFP]: O.J. Simpson bailed by Las Vegas court on robbery charges

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O.J. Simpson does not like people who aren’t "straight shooters"

The Juice was at it again as he got arrested on Sunday on chargers of robbing sports memorabilia from an auction house that was setting up shop inside of a Las Vegas hotel. Apparently, OJ showed up to the room with some thugs under the guise that they were customers, but according to Bruce Fromong, another collector inside the room, those were not Simpson’s intentions.

The door burst open and they came in almost commando style, O.J. Simpson and some of his people, I guess you would call it, with guns drawn,” Fromong told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Monday. “O.J. at that time was saying, ‘I want my stuff. I want my stuff.’

“The thing in my mind as soon as I saw him, I’m thinking, ‘O.J., how can you be this dumb? You’re in enough trouble.”’

Fromong said Simpson later left him a voice mail message telling him some of Fromong’s things were “mixed up” with his and asking how he could give them back.

OJ claims that he was simply trying to get back items that were stolen from him. Things are still being sorted out, but Simpson was charged with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit a burglary with a firearm on Sunday night. He could be facing up to 30 years on each robbery count if he’s found guilty.

Oh, but it gets better. Leave it to to unearth the audio of the Juice’s holdup in which a voice believed to be Simpson is heard shouting “Don’t let nobody out of this room,” and “Motherf***ers! Think you can steal my s*** and sell it?”

To be fair though, Fromong said that he never saw a weapon or felt threatened by OJ at any time, but two guns were seized by police during their investigation. We don’t know what the heck Simpson was thinking with this stunt, but we’re thrilled that everyone walked out of the hotel with their heads still attached.


[]: Audiotape released of sports memorabilia dispute involving O.J. Simpson in Las Vegas
[]: O.J.’s Alleged Robbery – Caught on Tape!

Houston Texans

Dunta Robinson’s crib gets jacked by a pair of masked men

Have you seen this man?

Robbers sure are getting brazen these days and it appears that no athlete is safe anymore. First Pacman Jones got jacked, then Antoine Walker was getting robbed more than the local Kwik-E-Mart, after that Eddie Curry got rolled, then there was a shoot out at DeShawn Stevenson’s crib and now the pad of Houston Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson gets cleaned out.

Apparently, a couple of dudes in red bandanas and Los Angeles Dodgers caps broke into walked right into Robinson’s Texas home (a door was left unlocked) on Saturday evening and forced an occupant at gunpoint to lie in the floor before binding that person up with duct tape. Investigators aren’t spilling the beans on whether the occupant in question was Robinson or if he was even in the house at the time of the robbery.

While the one thug detained the occupant, the other jerk went a huntin’ fer valuables and ended up taking several pieces of Robinson’s bling before escaping into the night.

You know, if we had millions of dollars to our names then we’d defiantly be living in a virtual Fort Knox to protect our lifestyle. In fact, we’ve already discovered the perfect man to design our solitude of security should we ever scratch that magic lottery ticket.


[]: 2 sought in robbery at Texan Dunta Robinson’s home

Atlanta Falcons

Michael Vick’s house got jacked up!

Where dogs check in but they don’t
check out!

We all know that Michael Vick is the current king of stupid decisions; from water bottles to dog fights and everything in between, Vick just can’t seem to do the right things. And attorney Gerald Poindexter thinks that it was his virtual retardation that got his crib broken into some time between May 7 and May 18 and not some thug attempting to tamper with evidence from Vick’s dog fighting case.

I don’t think it had anything to do with possible evidence,” in the dog fighting investigation, Poindexter said. “I think it was some feuding over the spoils. Some people believe that in getting ready to sell the house, Vick had promised stuff to some family members and other people felt they deserved things.

Now, we don’t know if this person or persons actually were owed the missing goods but, whoever it was, they certainly made out like a bandit by sneaking in to the house through a back window. The crook(s) obviously had all the time in the world to load up the getaway car U-Haul because they escaped with three plasma televisions (a 32, a 42, and a 62 incher), a pair of floor buffers, an upright washer and dryer, a leather sofa and a wet/dry vacuum. Apparently Vick’s alarm was on the fritz; damn technology. You know, this never would have happened if he had a dog or two on his property at the time.


[]: Mixed feeling about Vick in Va.