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Ryan Perrilloux goes racist after being denied service from a closed restaurant

The Texas Longhorns felt pretty slighted when Ryan Perrilloux changed his commitment from UT to LSU at the last second, but after seeing the kid completely flop off the field, Mack Brown is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief. After all, the Longhorns are doing an excellent job of turning their program into the next Miami without Perrilloux’s assistance.

LSU junior quarterback Ryan Perrilloux allegedly caused a scene at a local restaurant Friday night, a few days before he was expected to rejoin the team Monday for spring practice.

A server at Kona Grill in Perkins Rowe told The Daily Reveille late Tuesday night that Perrilloux arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes after it closed Friday.

Perrilloux entered the bar and attempted to order drinks. After he was denied service, Perrilloux began to curse and use racial slurs, the server said.

A Kona Grill manager approached Perrilloux, who then cursed the manager. The server said Perrilloux was asked to leave. And the police were called to the restaurant, but Perrilloux had left by the time any officers arrived.

The nerve of some people; how dare they not serve the Tigers backup quarterback following closing time! We’re assuming that at some point Perrilloux busted out the old “Don’t you know who I am?” line. After all, an angry diatribe just isn’t an angry diatribe without a little overinflated ego sprinkled in for effect.


[The Daily Reveille]: Junior QB allegedly involved in incident

College Football

Call us crazy, but we’re guessing the people in purple and yellow are picking LSU

In case you didn’t know, the BCS National Championship game between LSU and THE Ohio State University goes down tonight and with the biggest prize in college football on the line, there should be a whole lot of head banging going in Louisiana. So, who’s going to win the big game? If you really want to know the answer to that question, don’t listen to the knuckleheads on TV or the monkeys pounding away at their keyboards. You gotta turn to the passionate rabble patiently waiting in the streets for kickoff to come around. Just don’t expect any hard-hitting analysis from people wearing tiger-striped purple pimp suits.

College Football

It’s going to be LSU vs. Ohio State in the Rest vs. Rust Bowl

This was the wildest college football season the world has ever seen, and in a year chock-full of upsets, the only way to avoid being defeated was to simply not play. Worked out pretty well for the Buckeyes who haven’t played since Nov. 17.

After being shocked by Illinois at home in Week 11, Ohio State fell from No. 1 in the BCS Standings to No. 7. But after finishing their season with a rivalry win over then-No. 21 Michigan, they jumped up No. 5. Since then No. 1 LSU lost to Arkansas, No. 2 Kansas lost to No. 4 Missouri, No. 1 Missouri lost to No. 9 Oklahoma and No. 2 West Virginia lost to unranked Pittsburgh. And just like that, the Buckeyes are back atop the BCS and in the title game.

Of course, having 50 full days between games can have disadvantages as well. Look at what happened last year when OSU had an identical 50 idle days before getting thrashed by Florida for the giant crystal football. The Gators were riding just 36 days of rest. The Tigers will be coming into this year’s title game with just 36 days off since playing Tennessee in the SEC title game.

And while we could bitch and moan for weeks about why LSU grabbed the No. 2 slot over Virginia Tech, Georgia and Oklahoma (heck, we’ll even throw in undefeated Hawaii to humor all you WAC nuts), it would just be a waste of breath. The BCS is what it is, which an injustice to competitive athletics and the game in general, but it is the system we’re stuck with, so we might as well accept the fact that this is the match-up going down in the record books and move on already.

The `rest vs. rust’ debate will be something to contemplate in the weeks leading up to this national championship showdown. Ohio State played every week for 12 consecutive weeks, there is no way a sudden seven week vacation can improve their timing, chemistry or in-game, real time decision making ability.

LSU is facing a similar, yet less drastic, situation coming in the weeks ahead, but they have the advantage of playing in a winner-take-all, pressure-packed SEC Championship game and they’ve also had the `benefit’ of fighting for their lives – twice – following loses to Kentucky and they again to Arkansas.

Sitting in the shadows might have been the best plan for making it to the top of the rankings in this wacky season, especially for the Buckeyes, but having actually survived the wild finish of this wacky season on the field might prove more beneficial come game time. But don’t worry; we’ve still got 35 days to think about it.


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[]: It’s Ohio State vs. LSU for national championship

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College football’s second-oldest rivalry finally got interesting

If you told someone that Kansas would be sitting in the No. 2 spot of the BCS standings in the wanning weeks of the season prior to the initial kickoff, then you’d probably be locked inside Shady Acres right now. Well, it’s a fact, Jack, and with Missouri sitting just behind them at numero cuatro, that makes their contest at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend one of the biggest games in an insane college football season.

We know, we know. It’s hard to come to grips with, but considering that two of the Big 12’s most notorious doormats are atop the North Division’s standings, the winner of this game secures a place in the conference championship game. The Sooners or possibly the Longhorns will emerge from the South as their opponent.

While it will be a tough challenge, if the Jayhawks win the Big 12 crown, they’ll advance to play in the BCS Championship game against LSU, should the Tigers win out. And just imagine, if they can do the impossible on the big stage then we’ll be talking about this season for generations to come. It’s easy to say it could never happen, but, c’mon, who thought they could make it this far. We’re not even sure if Mark Mangino believed his squad could pull this off. You gotta admit, it would be a befitting end to this wacky year of collegiate pigskin.

And even if “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” goes down this Saturday, the improbable is still probable because Missouri would then advance to Big 12 title game where they could win and possibly jump West Virginia into the Crystal Football Bowl.

There’s still a heckuva lotta football to be played before we get this whole mess sorted out, but it is certain that the BCS future rests in Kansas’ hands this weekend. We don’t know about you, but we’re pulling for incredibly unnatural BCS babies in this situation.


[Fox Sports]: Kansas moves up to No. 2 in standings

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Hey, Tim Tebow, is your refrigerator running?

Remember when Tim Tebow made that “I’ll call you” gesture after a touchdown during the first quarter of the Florida/LSU game on Saturday? Well, turns out he wasn’t trying to pick up a Louisianan cutie; he was actually trying to needle the Tiger fans who prank called him hundreds of times leading up to the game.

Tebow said many of the messages contained physical threats and most included foul language.

“I really don’t use that type of language too much, so I can’t tell you,” Tebow said, declining to reveal any of the messages. “Some people did take it way too far, farther than you should take it with sports. But I think for the most part people were just having fun. Unfortunately, there’s people like that everywhere.”

Tebow said the messages started coming early last week and increased in number as the game got closer. He eventually turned the phone off, but had to listen to each voice message and read each text message before deleting them.

But Tim got himself a new number and now Kentucky fans have almost two full weeks to go Colombo and decipher those digits. While we can see how a billion giggly phone pranks could become a slight nuisance, we gotta admit, there really is nothing better than a finely crafted prank call. Isn’t that right, Juice?


[]: Florida’s Tebow changes phone number after threatening calls

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It’s no east vs. west rap war, but the smack between USC and LSU is becoming pretty entertaining

Snoop recently gave LSU coach Les
Miles a verbal beat down.

Lots of peeps out there seem to think that we can look forward to a USC/LSU national championship game once January rolls around. Hopefully those people are right, because it looks we’ve already got some serious trash talk going down that will, with any luck, build up to epic proportions by the time the BCS starts pissing everyone off.

Les Miles recently made some comments about USC that were not very well received by the fan base.

I would like nothing better than to play USC for the [national] title,” Miles reportedly said in a speech to a heavily pro-LSU gathering in New Orleans. “I can tell you this, that they have a much easier road to travel. They’re going to play real knockdown drag-outs with UCLA and Washington, Cal-Berkeley, Stanford — some real juggernauts — and they’re going to end up, it would be my guess, in some position so if they win a game or two, that they’ll end up in the title [game].”

“I would like that path for us. I think the SEC provides much stiffer competition.

Hey, Les, the men and women of USC are probably the last people on earth that you want to piss off. Mainly because they have a big time rap star with a dirty mouth and stinging tongue that can’t wait to punk you out, which is exactly what Snoop Dogg did on Gump For Heisman. But before you hit play, if there are any young ‘uns in the room, now’s probably the time to throw on a set of earmuffs.


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[The Wizard of Odds]: `Snoop Dogg’ Calls Out Les Miles

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Dear PETA, leave our sports alone

Nothing sucks harder and more frequently than PETA. It’s fine when they throw red paint on vapid celebrities and going after people who train dogs for fights, but when they start trying to tell sports teams what to do, that’s when they need to be clubbed like a baby seal. (What’d I say?) Their latest foray into being annoying jackasses is to petition LSU to get rid of its live tiger mascot.

Dear Chancellor O’Keefe:

We are writing to express our sympathy over the death of Louisiana State University’s (LSU) mascot, Mike the tiger, and to urge the school not to replace him. Big cats in captivity are denied everything that is natural and important to them, such as the opportunity to run, climb, hunt, establish their territory, and choose their mates.

Costumed human mascots are currently in use at most universities, and no major professional sports team includes live animals in its mascot program. The versatility of human performers allows them to interact directly with fans and entertain them throughout the game by leading cheers, reacting to the crowd, and pumping up the team. A frightened animal can’t do any of these things.

Meanwhile, the tradition at LSU of having a live tiger goes back 71 years and the tiger gets to live in a 15,000 square foot $3M home with a bathing pool and a waterfall. Man, that sounds terrible. LSU officials have told PETA to go pound sand.


[ESPN]: LSU likely to ignore PETA, obtain new tiger mascot

Green Bay Packers

Odds and Ends: Koren Robinson M.D. (Monitored Daily)

Koren Robinson has some serious issues he needs to take care of, but since the police decided to let him out of jail, for now, they had to go high-tech to keep an eye on their inmate over the remaining 45 days of his sentence while also working at a local hospital. The cop fleeing, drunken driving, substance abusing Robinson was outfitted with an electronic monitoring device and released on April 7. Too bad the Packers don’t have that kind of technology to keep a watch over their investment with.

In other news…

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And finally, we have a perfect example of why kids shouldn’t smoke. Not only will it make you smell bad, turn your teeth yellow and possibly give you cancer, but it could get you thrown in the slammer. Well, that’s what happened to these kids in Iowa after police charged them with the theft of more 500 cartons of cigs. In related news, Vlade Divac wants to know why he hasn’t received his weekly shipment of menthols yet.