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Ryan Perrilloux goes racist after being denied service from a closed restaurant

The Texas Longhorns felt pretty slighted when Ryan Perrilloux changed his commitment from UT to LSU at the last second, but after seeing the kid completely flop off the field, Mack Brown is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief. After all, the Longhorns are doing an excellent job of turning their program into the next Miami without Perrilloux’s assistance.

LSU junior quarterback Ryan Perrilloux allegedly caused a scene at a local restaurant Friday night, a few days before he was expected to rejoin the team Monday for spring practice.

A server at Kona Grill in Perkins Rowe told The Daily Reveille late Tuesday night that Perrilloux arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes after it closed Friday.

Perrilloux entered the bar and attempted to order drinks. After he was denied service, Perrilloux began to curse and use racial slurs, the server said.

A Kona Grill manager approached Perrilloux, who then cursed the manager. The server said Perrilloux was asked to leave. And the police were called to the restaurant, but Perrilloux had left by the time any officers arrived.

The nerve of some people; how dare they not serve the Tigers backup quarterback following closing time! We’re assuming that at some point Perrilloux busted out the old “Don’t you know who I am?” line. After all, an angry diatribe just isn’t an angry diatribe without a little overinflated ego sprinkled in for effect.


[The Daily Reveille]: Junior QB allegedly involved in incident

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Oregon Ducks fans just love their booze and the cops just love bustin’ em

We showed you how Oregon’s mascot whooped the butt of a giant-headed cougar during a Houston/Oregon football game. Well, it turns out that Donald was probably sloshed. We have absolutely no proof to back up our claim, but we do know that there are plenty of Ducks’ faithful who like to partake in some refreshing adult beverages during the game. Even if they shouldn’t be.

A minimum of 57 people were booted from the Ducks game this weekend for drinking violations, including three folks who were arrested. But the arrests weren’t limited to the stadium itself. Police arrested an unspecified number of people for driving under the influence after leaving the game and there were also a pair of unfortunate drinkers who got thrown in jail for drinking while watching the game offsite.

Eugene police officers, Lane County sherriff’s deputies, and university DPS officers kept a watchful eye for those that had partied beyond their ability to behave appropriately, and for those attempting to drink in parts of the stadium where alcohol is not allowed,” Doug Mazon with the Eugene Police Deptartment said.

We’re kind of wondering if the reporters at KGW might be tossing a few back as well because we’re pretty sure there are only two Ts in “deptartment.” Anyways, we know that stuff like this happens at every game, every week across the nation, but 57 seems just a bit excessive to us. Maybe the Ducks could cut down on those numbers a bit if they simply adopted and adapted some of these suggestions from those fancy pants Ivy Leaguers.


[]: 57 people ejected from Ducks game for drinking violations


Soccer team gets popped by undercover cop for soliciting prostitution

Soccer players are no different than the rest of us…actually, they are because most people can resist the urge to pick up a skanky hooker on the street corner. After all, she is a skanky hooker on the street corner! Unfortunately for the Half Moon Bay soccer team, eight of their players had no such self control when recently visiting Springfield, Oregon for a tournament.

Apparently, there was a ho that they just couldn’t take their eyes off and when they approached her, it turned out that the prostitute was actually an undercover cop. D-oh!

It is a shame that we have this many people coming down, looking for love in all the wrong places,” Springfield police Sgt. Rich Charboneau said. “We’re going to continue doing these (stings) until our numbers are down.

While we would like to focus all the humiliation onto the soccer dudes, we’ve gotta admit that lots of other people got busted for the same thing in the same sting over the weekend. In addition to the eight players, 20 others were arrested for misdemeanor prostitution solicitation charges with the youngest being 19 and the oldest being a wrinkly 75.

We’re not surprised by the behavior of these guys at all and, in fact, we’re a little relieved. After all, it’s a helluva lot more normal than how this futboler decides to get his kinky kicks.


[]: Half Moon Bay Soccer Team Nabbed For Prostitution

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To protect and serve, ourselves

What are the perks of being a major metropolitan police officer in America today? Well, the pay is decent, they offer a good retirement plan, medical and dental are included, and as an officer you are free to pick and choose what you want to use as your own personal property from the evidence collected throughout your shift. What? That last one isn’t an actual benefit? Somebody might want to conduct a procedural seminar in St. Louis because the boys in blue are under a completely different impression.

Nine or ten different officers are being investigated by the St. Louis Police Department for allegedly using about 30 confiscated tickets to last year’s World Series after the tickets were taken out of the hands of scalpers on the streets. The tickets were dispersed amongst the officer’s family and friends before being returned to the evidence room for storage. The crafty coppers were able to pull off the ploy because Busch Stadium no longer tears patron’s tickets, but instead use a scanner to electronically read the tickets. The value of the tickets varied from $50 to $250 and the incident could get the crooked cops canned.

Exactly who is St. Louis employing to keep the streets safe? Our guess is that Lt. Jim Dangle played a role in all of this.


[]: Report: police used seized Series tix