College Football

Seriously ESPN, what is the point?

If you thought that ESPN‘s stupid “Who’s Now” filler segments were a complete and utter waste of your time then hold on tight because the mothership is basically throwing three minutes of every SportsCenter telecast straight down the toilet. Introducing the totally useless ESPNU Championship Series.

Kirk Herbstreit: “We’re going to move USC into the next round to play LSU.”

Lee Corso: “Ohhhh, that’ll be a good one.”

Herbstreit: “That should be a very good game.”

Actually guys, it won’t be a good game because your system isn’t real!!!

Does America want a playoff? Hell yes! Is America going to be satisfied with a hypothetical scenario that could possibly allow for Hawaii to win a national championship as a play-in? Hell no!

People that tune into SportsCenter, those who still do, want analysis, recaps and even an occasional prediction. However, what they don’t want is to be treated like fools who are supposed to actually care if Lee Corso believes Kansas could be the sleeper of a fake playoff series!

Living with the horribly unfair BCS system is way better than trying to breakdown imaginary matchups for some imaginary title. Why don’t you guys make yourself useful and simulate the Orange Bowl on NCAA Football 07 so we know who to put our money on.

College Football

College football’s second-oldest rivalry finally got interesting

If you told someone that Kansas would be sitting in the No. 2 spot of the BCS standings in the wanning weeks of the season prior to the initial kickoff, then you’d probably be locked inside Shady Acres right now. Well, it’s a fact, Jack, and with Missouri sitting just behind them at numero cuatro, that makes their contest at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend one of the biggest games in an insane college football season.

We know, we know. It’s hard to come to grips with, but considering that two of the Big 12’s most notorious doormats are atop the North Division’s standings, the winner of this game secures a place in the conference championship game. The Sooners or possibly the Longhorns will emerge from the South as their opponent.

While it will be a tough challenge, if the Jayhawks win the Big 12 crown, they’ll advance to play in the BCS Championship game against LSU, should the Tigers win out. And just imagine, if they can do the impossible on the big stage then we’ll be talking about this season for generations to come. It’s easy to say it could never happen, but, c’mon, who thought they could make it this far. We’re not even sure if Mark Mangino believed his squad could pull this off. You gotta admit, it would be a befitting end to this wacky year of collegiate pigskin.

And even if “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” goes down this Saturday, the improbable is still probable because Missouri would then advance to Big 12 title game where they could win and possibly jump West Virginia into the Crystal Football Bowl.

There’s still a heckuva lotta football to be played before we get this whole mess sorted out, but it is certain that the BCS future rests in Kansas’ hands this weekend. We don’t know about you, but we’re pulling for incredibly unnatural BCS babies in this situation.


[Fox Sports]: Kansas moves up to No. 2 in standings

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Legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler dies

Bo Schembechler was on the WXYZ studio set before a taping of the “Big Ten Ticket” television show when he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital and died.

Last month, Schembechler had a pacemaker inserted to help regulate his heartbeat. He had previously had two heart attacks and two quadruple heart bypass operations.

We can’t help but think whether this will have a Wellington Mara effect on the Wolverines as they go into Columbus tomorrow for the showdown with Ohio State.

[WXYZ]: Breaking News: Bo Schembechler has Died

College Football

Odds and Ends: A vote for Ohio State

Are you having trouble deciding who to root for in the uber-hyped Game of the Century between Ohio State and Michigan this weekend? Well, maybe this will sway you in the direction of the Buckeyes.

Steve Snapp, associate athletics director for communications, turned down a ticket request from the band Nickelback.

“I told them, `Not that I don’t appreciate your music, but even if you were John Lennon and calling for four for the original Beatles, I couldn’t do it,'” Snapp said.

Actually, Nickelback, if it was anyone but you guys, he would have found some tickets. He simply has enough good taste to not allow the worst rock band in the history of the world to be in the stadium and mar such an exciting event. (Thanks to The Hater Nation)

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And finally… not exactly sports related but a drunken elk is funny.

College Football

Tidbits From The Tailgate: The Case For Rutgers

I have heard a lot of talk about Rutgers not having a chance at getting into a BCS Title game and I think that is complete horsesh*t.  Here are four reasons why Rutgers should be involved.

1.  The Second Half Of Thursday Night’s Game

If Louisville’s offense is the second best in the country then Rutgers defense has to be considered an elite unit.  They bottled up the Cardinals in the second half of that game.  Under 100 yards of offense.  It was more than just that though.  They were in Brian Brohm’s kitchen on every single play.  Brohm didn’t look like a guy who is going to play on Sunday last night.  He looked scared and it was for good reason as he was taking a lick on every single play.

2.  They didn’t make up the schedule or the rules

All Rutgers can do is win the games that are their slate.  They have done that.  In their defense, I am sure when they scheduled North Carolina and Illinois in the nonconference that they expected them to be better than what they were.  If Louisville was considered a BCS Title Game contender then Rutgers deserves the same consideration.  

3.  Greg Schiano might be the biggest up and coming name in college football

After last night’s victory I can already see the Athletic Director at the University of Miami putting together their offer letter.  The way Rutgers plays football is a reflection of their coach.  They line up, they run the football and they play defense.  Doing those things might not be pretty, but they win football games.  I think Schiano is one of those coaches that if you give him two weeks to prepare, he will come up with a way to beat you.

4.  It’s always more compelling if a Cinderella is involved

Let’s face it.  What would bring in bigger ratings.  Ohio State versus Florida or Texas OR Ohio State versus Rutgers.  Option 2 gives you the NCAA Tournament style David versus Goliath matchup.  It would be like when George Mason made the Final Four.