College Basketball

To prove she’s not a nappy headed ho, Rutgers player wants cash

Kia Vaughn is suing Don Imus, CBS Radio, CBS Corp, and possibly anyone with money because Imus called her a nappy headed ho on the radio. Just when you thought lawsuits couldn’t get more ridiculous in this country and just when you thought the stupid Don Imus thing was finally dead, here comes the cash grab. Frankly, we’re suprised it took this long.

According to the lawsuit and her scumbag lawyer, the comments caused Vaughn to be humiliated, embarrassed and publicly mocked. So much so in fact that the “full effect of the damage remains to be seen.” (Translation: settle with us out of court before we ask for more money.)

This is about Kia Vaughn’s good name,” Ancowitz said. “She would do anything to return to her life as a student and respected basketball player — a more simple life before Imus opened his mouth on April 4.

Wait… what? Who the fuck is Kia Vaughn? Before she filed this lawsuit, we don’t think anyone outside of her dorm knew who she was. Now her reputation is ruined? Listen, ho(ney), you’ve done more to damage your “good name” by filing this lawsuit than anything that idiot Imus said. You think people are saying to her as she’s walking down a street, “hey, you’re that nappy headed ho!”? No. Nobody could pick her out of a lineup even if they put her next to five midgets.

But hey, listen, we understand, the WNBA only pays about $35k a year.

[Yahoo]: Rutgers basketball player sues Imus and CBS Radio, alleging defamation of character

College Football

Tidbits From The Tailgate: The Case For Rutgers

I have heard a lot of talk about Rutgers not having a chance at getting into a BCS Title game and I think that is complete horsesh*t.  Here are four reasons why Rutgers should be involved.

1.  The Second Half Of Thursday Night’s Game

If Louisville’s offense is the second best in the country then Rutgers defense has to be considered an elite unit.  They bottled up the Cardinals in the second half of that game.  Under 100 yards of offense.  It was more than just that though.  They were in Brian Brohm’s kitchen on every single play.  Brohm didn’t look like a guy who is going to play on Sunday last night.  He looked scared and it was for good reason as he was taking a lick on every single play.

2.  They didn’t make up the schedule or the rules

All Rutgers can do is win the games that are their slate.  They have done that.  In their defense, I am sure when they scheduled North Carolina and Illinois in the nonconference that they expected them to be better than what they were.  If Louisville was considered a BCS Title Game contender then Rutgers deserves the same consideration.  

3.  Greg Schiano might be the biggest up and coming name in college football

After last night’s victory I can already see the Athletic Director at the University of Miami putting together their offer letter.  The way Rutgers plays football is a reflection of their coach.  They line up, they run the football and they play defense.  Doing those things might not be pretty, but they win football games.  I think Schiano is one of those coaches that if you give him two weeks to prepare, he will come up with a way to beat you.

4.  It’s always more compelling if a Cinderella is involved

Let’s face it.  What would bring in bigger ratings.  Ohio State versus Florida or Texas OR Ohio State versus Rutgers.  Option 2 gives you the NCAA Tournament style David versus Goliath matchup.  It would be like when George Mason made the Final Four.