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Ryan Perrilloux goes racist after being denied service from a closed restaurant

The Texas Longhorns felt pretty slighted when Ryan Perrilloux changed his commitment from UT to LSU at the last second, but after seeing the kid completely flop off the field, Mack Brown is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief. After all, the Longhorns are doing an excellent job of turning their program into the next Miami without Perrilloux’s assistance.

LSU junior quarterback Ryan Perrilloux allegedly caused a scene at a local restaurant Friday night, a few days before he was expected to rejoin the team Monday for spring practice.

A server at Kona Grill in Perkins Rowe told The Daily Reveille late Tuesday night that Perrilloux arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes after it closed Friday.

Perrilloux entered the bar and attempted to order drinks. After he was denied service, Perrilloux began to curse and use racial slurs, the server said.

A Kona Grill manager approached Perrilloux, who then cursed the manager. The server said Perrilloux was asked to leave. And the police were called to the restaurant, but Perrilloux had left by the time any officers arrived.

The nerve of some people; how dare they not serve the Tigers backup quarterback following closing time! We’re assuming that at some point Perrilloux busted out the old “Don’t you know who I am?” line. After all, an angry diatribe just isn’t an angry diatribe without a little overinflated ego sprinkled in for effect.


[The Daily Reveille]: Junior QB allegedly involved in incident

Colorado Rockies

If you like Mexican food and have a World Series ticket then we just might have a deal for you

Now that we know who the participants in the World Series are, the only question left is how the heck are getting into a game? Well, if we were the owner of a hole-in-the-wall Mexican food restaurant in Colorado then we’d offer up all the burritos and tacos we could spare. Kinda like this guy.

Ben Martinez is a huge Rockies fan and the owner of El Jardin Mexican restaurant in Commerce City, but he doesn’t want to pay scalper prices for tickets. So he’s making an offer for two free meals a week for one year at his restaurant for anyone who gives him two tickets to any of the games at Coors Field. Martinez said it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Two meals a week for a year at El Jardin or tickets to the biggest baseball event of the year? Hmmm, tough choice. We guessing that anyone with WS tickets is probably going to choose to spend a whopping $10.47 for a years worth of Taco Bell and keep the stubs instead of forking `em over to you and getting a clockwork case of Montezuma’s revenge for next 48 weeks.

Listen, man; if you want to go to the World Series then you’ve got to show more desire then just unloading a bunch of chips and salsa. That just isn’t going to cut it. Dare we say it; if you want to go see your precious Rockies then you’re going to have to go all out and pay Dr. Steve-O a visit.

Take a sledge hammer to the package or light your head on fire and then we’ll talk.


[]: Restaurant Owner Offers Free Meals For Rox Tix

Atlanta Falcons

It Was Either This Or A Head Shop

Why is everyone always checking
out what I’m drinking?

We all know how much Michael Vick loves to smoke pot, so it only makes sense that the Falcons’ quarterback would open his own restaurant to handle his frequent late night munchies. On Wednesday, The Tasting Room became a reality; opening in suburban Atlanta and for profits sake Vick had better pray that Falcons fans have forgotten about the dirty bird that No. 7 dropped on them after getting booed off the field following a 31-13 home loss to the Saints in November.

Maybe this will offset some of that attention I’ve been getting, whether positive or negative. It’s good for people to see that I’m giving back to the community, where people can see me trying to do something that’s positive. There’s a lot of people speculating about things I do that are not so positive.

You mean like trying to sneak a MacGuyveresque homemade bottle meant for smuggling dope on to an airplane? It’s not speculation after you get caught.