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Ryan Perrilloux goes racist after being denied service from a closed restaurant

The Texas Longhorns felt pretty slighted when Ryan Perrilloux changed his commitment from UT to LSU at the last second, but after seeing the kid completely flop off the field, Mack Brown is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief. After all, the Longhorns are doing an excellent job of turning their program into the next Miami without Perrilloux’s assistance.

LSU junior quarterback Ryan Perrilloux allegedly caused a scene at a local restaurant Friday night, a few days before he was expected to rejoin the team Monday for spring practice.

A server at Kona Grill in Perkins Rowe told The Daily Reveille late Tuesday night that Perrilloux arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes after it closed Friday.

Perrilloux entered the bar and attempted to order drinks. After he was denied service, Perrilloux began to curse and use racial slurs, the server said.

A Kona Grill manager approached Perrilloux, who then cursed the manager. The server said Perrilloux was asked to leave. And the police were called to the restaurant, but Perrilloux had left by the time any officers arrived.

The nerve of some people; how dare they not serve the Tigers backup quarterback following closing time! We’re assuming that at some point Perrilloux busted out the old “Don’t you know who I am?” line. After all, an angry diatribe just isn’t an angry diatribe without a little overinflated ego sprinkled in for effect.


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