Green Bay Packers

Odds and Ends: Koren Robinson M.D. (Monitored Daily)

Koren Robinson has some serious issues he needs to take care of, but since the police decided to let him out of jail, for now, they had to go high-tech to keep an eye on their inmate over the remaining 45 days of his sentence while also working at a local hospital. The cop fleeing, drunken driving, substance abusing Robinson was outfitted with an electronic monitoring device and released on April 7. Too bad the Packers don’t have that kind of technology to keep a watch over their investment with.

In other news…

[]: Pokey Chatman wants to have sex with her players AND get paid for it. Good luck with that.

[]: Louis Gossett Jr. likes going to Lakers games; he just doesn’t like to pay for it.

[]: The Japanese sure know how to motivate their players.

[]: Apparently New York signed some hot shot soccer star, or so we’re told.

[Our Book of Scrap]: Cubs fans like their beer

[Deadspin]: We’d hit it. (The woman, not the 15-year-old boy.)

And finally, we have a perfect example of why kids shouldn’t smoke. Not only will it make you smell bad, turn your teeth yellow and possibly give you cancer, but it could get you thrown in the slammer. Well, that’s what happened to these kids in Iowa after police charged them with the theft of more 500 cartons of cigs. In related news, Vlade Divac wants to know why he hasn’t received his weekly shipment of menthols yet.

College Basketball

Odds and Ends: Pokey Chatman sold out by assistant coach

We know that a coach sleeping with his or her players is wrong (unless that player is Jennie Finch, in which case we say, bravo…) but did assistant coach Carla Berry really have to go all Judas on her? It wasn’t like Pokey was having sex with a current player. It was a former player. We’re talking former. Not current. Former! (Thank God for AI.)

According to ESPN, Berry is a longtime friend and colleague of Chatman’s and her motivation for alerting university officials was “unclear”. Chatman, meanwhile, is hiding out until this whole thing blows over and then she’ll get a fat contract from a program who just wants to win. Sex with players or not, Pokey delivered as a coach. Although her contract will be the first with a “no sex with players” clause.

In other news…


[Dallas Morning News]: T.O. didn’t bother to learn the playbook

[USA Today]: Who knew Hang Time could prepare Reggie Theus for the NCAAs?

[The Offside]: I really am a soccer player!

[WBRS]: Phil Simms in a skit with Geico Caveman TV Show (there’s just so many things wrong with this)

[HeraldNet]: How the hell did Shaun Alexander not get laid till he was 24?

[]: Steve Nash’s soccer skills