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Steve Spurrier finally loses to Vandy and now he’s become wussified

We’ve already heard Mike Gundy tell us all about how he’s “a man” and he’s “40” and how it just isn’t right to talk negatively about “kids” who play college football. You know the same kids who are responsible enough to take courses from the road while they are generating millions of dollars for universities across the country. Yea, those same little tikes that get bombarded with some of the wickedest criticisms from their own coaches. Just ask Mike Leach what the proper way to handle these fragile egos is.

Well, now we’ve got the Ol’ Ball Coach saying that he doesn’t feel “college kids” should have to hear boos. C’mon, not the Ball Coach!

University of South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier not only heard the boos as the sixth-ranked Gamecocks struggled on offense against Vanderbilt, but they surprised him.

The boos came early as the Gamecocks committed two turnovers in their first five plays as the Commodores took a 17-0 first-quarter lead en route to a 17-6 victory Saturday.

“That’s the first time that’s happened, isn’t it?” Spurrier said Sunday. “I just assumed they were booing me and the coaches for a bad play call.”

Spurrier said he hoped the fans weren’t booing the players, which he feels is out of line.

“I’ve always sort of gone under the thought that professional players get paid. So you can boo them all you want, and they accept that,” he said. “But college kids are amateurs, and I don’t think you should boo them.”

Not that Spurrier was trying to say the fans didn’t have a right to be upset.

“We had some sporadic play there, and that’s just the way it happened,” he said. “But I would hope the booing would cease, and hopefully we won’t give them a lot of reasons to boo. But I hope that doesn’t continue.

Listen, we think it’s pretty lame to boo your own team regardless of their play, but whatever. If you play like crap then we as fans have every right to let you know you’re playing like crap. Just quit trying to act like the `delicate psyches’ of the players are going to shatter at the first hint of criticism.

Geez, are we supposed to think these big, strong guys are really just a bunch of Chris Crockers in disguise?


[]: Spurrier Doesn’t Want Fans Booing Players


Another soccer fan gets his melee on

Soccer always finds new ways to entertain us with it’s antics outside the normal realm of play. Most of the time it involves some type of violence and this time is nothing different. During a game between Trabzonspor and Sivasspor (at least that’s what The Offside tells us) in the 2007/2008 Turkish Premier Super League a typical soccer scuffle broke out between players following a foul. But then things got interesting as a lunatic fan ran onto the pitch and started throwing punches. Before you know it, it’s a free-for-all between players, fans and security.

We think that anyone who runs onto the field of play during any sporting event deserves whatever they get and we were happy to see that some of those knuckleheads got tackled with some force. But we still wish that this guy had been playing during the match.


[The Offside]: Fan Attacks Player in Turkey, Chaos Ensues


Brazil loves their soccer…some a little too much

Lord knows that we have tried and tried and tried again to tell you just how moronic soccer fans are but then we realized that we really don’t have to do anything to convince people of the sanity or lack there of by these “footballers.” Take 22-year-old Jefferson Ferreira Lima and 26-year-old Jorge Luiz Sampaio Santos; these dudes are a couple of Brazilians who just love their Palmeiras club. In fact, they love their team so much that they were willing to throw a grenade at a bus full of fans from the rival Cruzeiro team.

Is this a joke? A freaking grenade!?! Unfortunately, this the mindset of many soccer fans across the globe after a loss. Hell, this is the mindset of many tackle football fan across the nation, but it’s not too often that you hear of a guy getting stopped in Foxboro with a missile launcher aimed at the Colts’ fan’s booze bus as it heads back to Indy after Peyton Manning leads his team to a road victory.

Listen, we’re all about passion for your team but we just think that trying to commit mass murder by explosive device is a bit overboard. So, soccer dweebs, if you must act a fool then keep it the on-field hijinks like these guys. That way the players can kick your ass for us.


[]: Two Brazil soccer fans caught with grenade

Oakland Raiders

Raiders fans are some douche bags, ya heard?

We all know that Raiders fans are a bunch of whackos that are one chromosome short of becoming full fledged human beings. So, it’s not really fair to put these mutants up against their rivals, 49ers fan, in a fist fight. Everyone knows that the brute physical strength would give those meatheads a decided advantage over the flower smelling hippies in San Francisco. What is fair, however, is to give Raider fan an opponent of equal mental capacity; like a 49er helmet for example.

First off, here’s a little insight from an outsiders perspective: you guys aren’t black! What’s with all the Ebonics? But that’s beside the point. We love how these guys think that a firecracker is just going to blow the helmet to smithereens. You gotta give these douches an “A” for effort though, but eventually even a Raider fan was able to figure out that no firecrackers, samurai sword, scooter, gun or blow darts can compete with a good ol’ fashioned smackin’ from a nine iron. Ya’ know what I mean, kid?

Keep an eye out for our favorite moment of dialogue when one of the dumbasses looks into the camera and says “I’ll shoot your motherfuckin’ ass with a blowdart, dawg.”


[]: Video: Why Raider Fans Shouldn’t Inbreed

General Sports

Beat it Skycam, you’re old news

The latest million dollar dinosaur

As if men don’t sit on the couch and stare at the idiot box for enough hours in a week already, 360 Replays has created some new technology that could permanently change the way the male population across the planet wastes their free time.

The good folks at 360 Replays have just announced the completion of 3D sports replay system that consists of 40 different cameras and can be used to capture and instantly replay video from almost any angle. The system is know as VantEDGE technology that works in the same fashion that your favorite NFL video game will allow you to rotate the camera around the ball carrier while zooming in and out at the same time. The only thing missing from your sports watching experience now is the recliner with a built in fridge.

If that’s not cool enough for you then maybe its practical applications will win you over. How does the sound of eliminating every stupid referee’s decision during an NFL challenge hit you? Or no longer having to scream at the television because the refs couldn’t see that the ball was clearly out of his hands before the buzzer sounded. Well, those days are over because officials will now have the technology to view any play from any angle and eliminate any forced personal judgments.

We see this as a major milestone in bringing together the current need for more accurate video playbacks in many sports, as well as a new way for spectators to view the sport,” said Dean Esler, chief technology officer at 360 Replays. “By combining the ability to record enormous amounts of video with 3D data processing, we are able to provide views from almost any angle which is both entertaining to the viewer, and important to game officials.

On behalf of sports fans across the globe; thank you 360 Replays. Thank you.


[]: 360 Replays releases improved 3D sports-replay prototype

MLB General

Video of annoying Tennessee Vols fan

Yesterday, we told you about the lady who was told to tone it down because other UT fans complained about her cheering. In case you were wondering, “what’s the big deal?”, here’s video for you.

NFL General

Who are the best fans in the NFL?

The question of who has the the best fans has been debated 4,983,823,422 times and counting now on various message boards  across the internet and at bars.  Well, American City Business Journals attempts to answer that question using a formula for fan loyalty.  They ranked all 32 teams based on seven categories from 1996-2006; the first three concentrate on support and the other four are based on the difficulty of supporting that team:

  • Average attendance
  • Percent of capacity
  • Attendance fluctuation
  • Winning %
  • Market population
  • Per capita income
  • December temperature

The winner?  Cleveland, followed by Kansas City and Philly.

Here’s the entire list:

  1. Cleveland Browns
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Philadelphia Eagles
  4. Green Bay Packers
  5. Dallas Cowboys
  6. Buffalo Bills
  7. Houston Texans
  8. Denver Broncos
  9. Baltimore Ravens
  10. Washington Redskins
  11. New York Giants
  12. Carolina Panthers
  13. Miami Dolphins
  14. St. Louis Rams
  15. New England Patriots
  16. Detroit Lions
  17. San Francisco 49ers
  18. New York Jets
  19. Minnesota Vikings
  20. Cincinnati Bengals
  21. Pittsburgh Steelers
  22. San Diego Chargers
  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  24. New Orleans Saints
  25. Indianapolis Colts
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars
  27. Chicago Bears
  28. Tennessee Titans
  29. Seattle Seahawks
  30. Arizona Cardinals
  31. Atlanta Falcons
  32. Oakland Raiders

[MSNBC]: Cleveland is No. 1 in rankings of NFL fan loyalty
[Biz]: All 32 teams ranked


16-year-old girl banned from World Cup matches

That’s some quality Photoshop work

Yesterday, we told you about the 12-year-old Boston fan who called Terry Francona a dumbass. Well, in England, they raise the bar with their soccer hooligans. A 16-year-old girl was banned from attending any soccer matches and must report to the local police station once a week.

The ban stemmed from an incident in January where 18 other people were arrested when violence broke out after the hooligans began the obligatory soccer racist chanting.

[Life Style Extra]: 16-year old female footy fan in court

Boston Red Sox

12 year old kid heckles the Red Sox

You know what’s great about Boston? They teach their kids at a young age how to be as much of a masshole as possible. According to Terry Francona, the kid who yelled something at Keith Foulke is the same 12 year old who has been yelling at him for 2 years.

That guy yelling at Foulke is the same one who’s been yelling at me for two years. He said something inappropriate.

Where’s Timlin, you dumb-ass?. He’s 12. If I had been his dad, I’d have smacked the $#^@ out of him.

Sure he’s 12 but he’s got the heckling skills of at least a 16 year old.

A note on the kid pictured here. He is the most photoshopped fan on the planet. He’s been giving the finger as a Steelers fan, a Browns fan, a Yankees fan, a Red Sox fan… the list goes on and on. Who is this Golden Child of Anger?

[Boston Herald]: Foulke holds back