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Isn’t throat slashing illegal in college football?

This was a horribly scary and sobering weekend to be an athlete. Not only did Jamaal Tinsley get blasted at by some green-eyed goons out way past their bedtimes, but a South Carolina football player got his throat slashed in a fight near campus.

Senior defensive end Jordin Lindsey, who was ineligible to play this year because of poor grades, got into a fight with two men early Saturday morning when he was cut by something, possibly a broken bottle. And talk about a tough kid, Lindsey needed surgery but was released on Sunday.

The elder Lindsey [father Billy] said Jordin Lindsey and his twin, Dustin, also a Gamecocks player, were walking early Saturday morning in Five Points, a neighborhood known for its college bar scene and restaurants.

Two men yelled at the brothers from across a street, but the twins didn’t think much about it — until they heard footsteps and Jordin Lindsey was stabbed, Billy Lindsey said.

We’re glad to hear that Lindsey is recovering, but we’re somewhat disappointed to hear that being 6-foot-3 and weighing 256 pounds just doesn’t intimidate like it use to. Then again, these punks did have to attack from behind, displaying the yellow streaks running down their backs. But don’t worry, according to Dr. Gordon Nuber, in 50 years or so, athletes might not ever have to worry about someone trying to pick a fight with them.


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College Football

Steve Spurrier finally loses to Vandy and now he’s become wussified

We’ve already heard Mike Gundy tell us all about how he’s “a man” and he’s “40” and how it just isn’t right to talk negatively about “kids” who play college football. You know the same kids who are responsible enough to take courses from the road while they are generating millions of dollars for universities across the country. Yea, those same little tikes that get bombarded with some of the wickedest criticisms from their own coaches. Just ask Mike Leach what the proper way to handle these fragile egos is.

Well, now we’ve got the Ol’ Ball Coach saying that he doesn’t feel “college kids” should have to hear boos. C’mon, not the Ball Coach!

University of South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier not only heard the boos as the sixth-ranked Gamecocks struggled on offense against Vanderbilt, but they surprised him.

The boos came early as the Gamecocks committed two turnovers in their first five plays as the Commodores took a 17-0 first-quarter lead en route to a 17-6 victory Saturday.

“That’s the first time that’s happened, isn’t it?” Spurrier said Sunday. “I just assumed they were booing me and the coaches for a bad play call.”

Spurrier said he hoped the fans weren’t booing the players, which he feels is out of line.

“I’ve always sort of gone under the thought that professional players get paid. So you can boo them all you want, and they accept that,” he said. “But college kids are amateurs, and I don’t think you should boo them.”

Not that Spurrier was trying to say the fans didn’t have a right to be upset.

“We had some sporadic play there, and that’s just the way it happened,” he said. “But I would hope the booing would cease, and hopefully we won’t give them a lot of reasons to boo. But I hope that doesn’t continue.

Listen, we think it’s pretty lame to boo your own team regardless of their play, but whatever. If you play like crap then we as fans have every right to let you know you’re playing like crap. Just quit trying to act like the `delicate psyches’ of the players are going to shatter at the first hint of criticism.

Geez, are we supposed to think these big, strong guys are really just a bunch of Chris Crockers in disguise?


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South Carolina fans are Cocks

Harriette Folkers use to be a Clemson fan until her family convinced her to side with South Carolina, but after attending the USC spring football game she might change her mind and start rooting for the Tigers again. The possible change of heart has nothing to do with USC’s on-field performance on Saturday, and it’s not because Steve Spurrier wants to pull the confederate flag off the pole. No, Folkers is pissed that some jerk at the game stole her ride.

Folkers has a degenerative bone disease in foot that caused doctors to amputate it two years ago and while she was enjoying some helmet knocking some fool yanked her wheelchair that was folded and put out of the way by her section’s entrance. Police searched the stadium but there was no trace of the missing wheelie.

Leave it to a Gamecock fan to swipe some lady’s wheelchair; what’s next? Is some old man going to get his walker stolen while he’s in the can? Did this chair grabbing douche even consider how important that chair was to the owner? It just might have been the chair that was destined for stardom on ABC’s newest show “Dancing with the Handicapped Stars.”


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