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Oh, Jerry Sloan is going to love the new league rule

It was just last week that we were thinking about how cool it would be to make wearing microphones mandatory for players and coaches in major sports leagues. Well, here we are today and damn it all if our Christmas wish hasn’t turned into a real life miracle.

Viewers will even get to peek into locker rooms via networks’ embedded robotic cameras. Those unmanned cameras can be directed to pan, tilt and zoom after media members are required to leave locker rooms 45 minutes before tip-off — and can shoot at halftime and postgame. The first games with broader access are prime time NBA doubleheaders on TNT Thursday and ESPN Friday.

Networks have rarely miked NBA players in the past, but will now be able to ask them to do it on a regular basis — with the player having the choice to decline.

NBA coaches won’t get that luxury. For the first time in a major sport, coaches will have to wear mikes — and be required to do TV interviews during games.

Holy crap! We were just kidding, we didn’t know they were going to take us seriously. You guys are actually going to make coaches give interviews during timeouts?! Have these guys ever seen what happens when football coaches get interviewed at halftime? Example #1*****Example #2*****Example #3

Hmmmm, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all. We’re glad we came up with it.


[]: NBA says mike it, but some coaches won’t like it

College Football

Three Iowa football players investigated for sexual assault

Well, we don’t know much about this case, but we do know that some University of Iowa football players are complete wastes of flesh. The coppers are investigating a case of sexual assault involving three Hawkeye players that happened on October 14 on campus at the Hillcrest Residence Hall, but it wasn’t reported by the victim until November 7. No names are being released at this time.

Sexual assault is a very serious issue and we’re treating it as such. I’m obviously concerned for the well-being and safety of the young woman; I’m concerned there are football players included in the investigation; and I’m concerned that we allowed the legal process to take its course.” — UI Athletics Director Gary Barta

“I have talked to Gary Barta on this matter. I share his concern for the young woman and her well-being. Likewise, I am concerned that football players are the subject of the investigation. Because it is an open investigation, I cannot comment more,” — Kirk Ferentz, University of Iowa Head Football Coach.

We know this is a horrible crime and we have to patient until the law runs it course, but those were a couple of the weakest statements ever made about a serious injustice. Thanks for telling us rape is bad.


[]: Three Hawkeyes Questioned In Sexual Assault

College Football

Steve Spurrier finally loses to Vandy and now he’s become wussified

We’ve already heard Mike Gundy tell us all about how he’s “a man” and he’s “40” and how it just isn’t right to talk negatively about “kids” who play college football. You know the same kids who are responsible enough to take courses from the road while they are generating millions of dollars for universities across the country. Yea, those same little tikes that get bombarded with some of the wickedest criticisms from their own coaches. Just ask Mike Leach what the proper way to handle these fragile egos is.

Well, now we’ve got the Ol’ Ball Coach saying that he doesn’t feel “college kids” should have to hear boos. C’mon, not the Ball Coach!

University of South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier not only heard the boos as the sixth-ranked Gamecocks struggled on offense against Vanderbilt, but they surprised him.

The boos came early as the Gamecocks committed two turnovers in their first five plays as the Commodores took a 17-0 first-quarter lead en route to a 17-6 victory Saturday.

“That’s the first time that’s happened, isn’t it?” Spurrier said Sunday. “I just assumed they were booing me and the coaches for a bad play call.”

Spurrier said he hoped the fans weren’t booing the players, which he feels is out of line.

“I’ve always sort of gone under the thought that professional players get paid. So you can boo them all you want, and they accept that,” he said. “But college kids are amateurs, and I don’t think you should boo them.”

Not that Spurrier was trying to say the fans didn’t have a right to be upset.

“We had some sporadic play there, and that’s just the way it happened,” he said. “But I would hope the booing would cease, and hopefully we won’t give them a lot of reasons to boo. But I hope that doesn’t continue.

Listen, we think it’s pretty lame to boo your own team regardless of their play, but whatever. If you play like crap then we as fans have every right to let you know you’re playing like crap. Just quit trying to act like the `delicate psyches’ of the players are going to shatter at the first hint of criticism.

Geez, are we supposed to think these big, strong guys are really just a bunch of Chris Crockers in disguise?


[]: Spurrier Doesn’t Want Fans Booing Players