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Raiders fans are some douche bags, ya heard?

We all know that Raiders fans are a bunch of whackos that are one chromosome short of becoming full fledged human beings. So, it’s not really fair to put these mutants up against their rivals, 49ers fan, in a fist fight. Everyone knows that the brute physical strength would give those meatheads a decided advantage over the flower smelling hippies in San Francisco. What is fair, however, is to give Raider fan an opponent of equal mental capacity; like a 49er helmet for example.

First off, here’s a little insight from an outsiders perspective: you guys aren’t black! What’s with all the Ebonics? But that’s beside the point. We love how these guys think that a firecracker is just going to blow the helmet to smithereens. You gotta give these douches an “A” for effort though, but eventually even a Raider fan was able to figure out that no firecrackers, samurai sword, scooter, gun or blow darts can compete with a good ol’ fashioned smackin’ from a nine iron. Ya’ know what I mean, kid?

Keep an eye out for our favorite moment of dialogue when one of the dumbasses looks into the camera and says “I’ll shoot your motherfuckin’ ass with a blowdart, dawg.”


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2 replies on “Raiders fans are some douche bags, ya heard?”

typical — You might think that this is just a small minority of Raiders fans who got on youtube. You’d be wrong. The vast majority of them are retarded like this. It’s even money that these idiots make the Darwin awards soon.

yeah, sh*t yeah — muthaf*k those muthafin ass 49ers an’sh*t that we like play ev’ry 4 muthaf*kin years on the rotatin’ schedule yo! sh*t! damn, yo! And PreSEASON, BITCH!!

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