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12 year old kid heckles the Red Sox

You know what’s great about Boston? They teach their kids at a young age how to be as much of a masshole as possible. According to Terry Francona, the kid who yelled something at Keith Foulke is the same 12 year old who has been yelling at him for 2 years.

That guy yelling at Foulke is the same one who’s been yelling at me for two years. He said something inappropriate.

Where’s Timlin, you dumb-ass?. He’s 12. If I had been his dad, I’d have smacked the $#^@ out of him.

Sure he’s 12 but he’s got the heckling skills of at least a 16 year old.

A note on the kid pictured here. He is the most photoshopped fan on the planet. He’s been giving the finger as a Steelers fan, a Browns fan, a Yankees fan, a Red Sox fan… the list goes on and on. Who is this Golden Child of Anger?

[Boston Herald]: Foulke holds back

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