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Beat it Skycam, you’re old news

The latest million dollar dinosaur

As if men don’t sit on the couch and stare at the idiot box for enough hours in a week already, 360 Replays has created some new technology that could permanently change the way the male population across the planet wastes their free time.

The good folks at 360 Replays have just announced the completion of 3D sports replay system that consists of 40 different cameras and can be used to capture and instantly replay video from almost any angle. The system is know as VantEDGE technology that works in the same fashion that your favorite NFL video game will allow you to rotate the camera around the ball carrier while zooming in and out at the same time. The only thing missing from your sports watching experience now is the recliner with a built in fridge.

If that’s not cool enough for you then maybe its practical applications will win you over. How does the sound of eliminating every stupid referee’s decision during an NFL challenge hit you? Or no longer having to scream at the television because the refs couldn’t see that the ball was clearly out of his hands before the buzzer sounded. Well, those days are over because officials will now have the technology to view any play from any angle and eliminate any forced personal judgments.

We see this as a major milestone in bringing together the current need for more accurate video playbacks in many sports, as well as a new way for spectators to view the sport,” said Dean Esler, chief technology officer at 360 Replays. “By combining the ability to record enormous amounts of video with 3D data processing, we are able to provide views from almost any angle which is both entertaining to the viewer, and important to game officials.

On behalf of sports fans across the globe; thank you 360 Replays. Thank you.


[]: 360 Replays releases improved 3D sports-replay prototype

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Odds and Ends: Are you looking at George’s crotch again?

Well folks, there’s no other way to explain it. Apparently men (or at least the men in this study) are fixated on crotches. Some might say that we “respect the cock“.

A study by Jakob Nielsen to track how different people look at web pages came up with some unexpected results. According to the data, men tend to study the crotch and the face while women look only at the face. This also happens when the image was of an animal too. This was discovered on the American Kennel Club site. We couldn’t even make this stuff up. (via Can’t Stop the Bleeding)

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Finally! Mobile ESPN is dead

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen that floppy haired jackass hawking Mobile ESPN around every corner. Since we don’t miss things that make us angry (except football in the offseason), we didn’t notice that the commercials have been pulled.  Well, we won’t ever see it or any stupid ESPN Mobile commercial again.  Proving that consumers aren’t completely retarded, the folks behind a $150M money losing pig-fuck have called it a day and will shut down operations.

For the 20 of you who got suckered into buying one of these phones (ESPN employees), the service will work until the end of the  year and you can get a refund on the purchase price of the phone.

We don’t know what exactly caused the service/product to fail.  Some would say that it’s the fact that ESPN made people switch to Sprint to get Mobile ESPN.  Or perhaps it’s the cost of $200 for a phone on top of a monthly charge of $35 to $225 and a 2 year contract.  Or perhaps it’s the fact that the phone only received ESPN-approved content.  Or perhaps they had a spokesman that actively made everyone HATE the product.

Good work Mobile ESPN.  Better scale back plans for that ESPN-only TV…

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Full Count: Video iPods will be in every clubhouse

1. The competitive edge: It seems as though Apple iPods have already infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Well, here’s another: the Rockies are using video iPods to store game film on. Pitchers can watch films of themselves or hitters, while position players can store nearly every at-bat they’ve ever taken. While the ability to take home DVDs of their performances has been common for a while, storing the videos on their iPods is much more convenient. The Rockies are the only team doing this right now, but reportedly Florida and Seattle are also interested.

2. The final blow: The Braves had worked themselves out of the division picture anyways, but their loss to the Marlins yesterday might have sealed the deal. They suffered a three-game sweep at the hands of pitiful Florida, even though about a combined 22,000 people showed up for the games at Dolphin Stadium. The pitching victim was Jorge Sosa yesterday. After last season’s 13-3 record and 2.55 ERA, Sosa lost again to fall to 1-9 this year. He has a 5.35 ERA, about where he was in his first three seasons with the Devil Rays. But the Braves keep starting him, and they almost have to with Mike Hampton out for the season and Kyle Davies out for a while. At 30-37, the Braves are 13 games back in the NL East and have only won 2 games in June. Looks like they won’t have to find room for another division title banner at Turner Field this year.

3. From jail to the pitching mound: Esteban Loaiza has more to worry about than pitching right now. Loaiza, who committed DUI earlier this week, spent Tuesday night in jail. But he was released (his trial date is July 14) and pitched 6 strong innings last night for the win. Loaiza allowed 3 earned runs and helped the A’s to a sweep of the Mariners. First baseman Dan Johnson drove in 4 runs and had 4 hits. For the Mariners, Jarrod Washburn (4-8) was hit with the loss after allowing 6 runs. It wasn’t all good news for the A’s last night: slugger Frank Thomas was put on the 15-day DL.

4. The Wright to win: Lately, David Wright and the New York Mets have been tearing up the National League. Wright, who was touted before the year as a future star, has even exceeded those expectations. He has 14 homers, 50 RBIs, and is among the National League leaders with a .335 batting average. Wright has homered in three straight games, driven in a run in 6 straight, and has a nine-game hitting streak. Meanwhile, the Mets dusted the Phillies last night 5-4 to sweep the series. They have won 8 straight, and as of now their record is the best in baseball (42-23).

5. The Western Frontier: No division in modern baseball history has had all of its teams achieve winning records. But if the season ended today, the NL West would do just that. It is the closest division in baseball, as only two games separate first place from last. Currently the Dodgers, at 36-30, are on top. The reeling Diamondbacks, losers of 9 of their last 10, are still in second at 35-31. Three teams — San Diego, San Francisco, and Colorado — are tied for third (or last depending on how you look at it) with a 34-32 record. This marks almost a complete reversal from last season, when for a while we thought that no team would emerge from this division with a winning record.