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Russian tennis princess gets robbed at gunpoint

If you thought that the curse of money ended with the NFL and the NBA then you’d be wrong. In fact, if you thought greedy, violent criminals and their get-rich-quick schemes were secluded to the United States then you’d be wrong. Turns out those wacky Russians are some aggressive, money-hungry scandals as well.

Tennis star Anna Chakvetadze was tied up by a group of masked men at gunpoint at her home in Russia on Tuesday, robbing her of about $106,000 in cash and around $200,000 in jewelry and other things around her home, according to her father.

Six assailants approached the home outside Moscow before dawn, tied up a maid in another building and forced her to hand over a remote control enabling them to enter the house through the garage, Dzhamal Chakvetadze told NTV television.

“They started to beat me, and I resisted. They hit me over the head with, I think, a pistol butt. It was dark,” he said, taking off his cap to show his bruised scalp. “They took out a pistol and told me my child was at home – reminded me – and they told me to hand everything over. I did.”

Police and Russia tennis coach Shamil Tarpishchev said the assailants tied up Chakvetadze and her parents, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported. Tarpishchev said the 20-year-old player, ranked No. 6, “tried to resist but it was useless,” ITAR-Tass reported.

Maybe we’re just poor sports bloggers who can’t conceive this type of stuff, but $106,000 in cash?!?! Don’t you need a special in-house safe like Scrooge McDuck had in his mansion if you’re holding that kind of paper? Unless you’re Tony Montana, then we say use a freakin’ bank.

Oh, and it’s probably not advised to advertise your wealth on your website. We understand that everyone already knows you’re loaded, but, c’mon, you’re just asking for trouble.

I’m sort of embarrassed to admit but I’m into jewelry too, Hehe…One of my weaknesses are sport cars. Ferrari in particular.


[]: Russian Tennis Star Tied Up, Robbed At Her Home

Portland Trailblazers

Around the Rim: Blazers grab another victory

1. Future Roy-alty
If Portland could ever get a healthy roster, they’d be pretty darn good, but, in the meantime, they’re pretty darn good. Led by the continually improving Brandon Roy’s 26 points and 11 assists, the Blazers won their seventh consecutive game on Sunday, downing Denver 116-105. In addition to playing without this year’s top draft pick for the entire season, Portland was missing their second overall pick from a year back as LaMarcus Aldridge sat out for the fourth straight game with a case of plantar fasciitis. Points in the paint are going to extremely hard to come by once Aldridge and Oden team up to become the Pacific Northwest’s version of the Twin Towers. Until then, it’s up to Roy to carry this squad to the playoffs and with a win tonight over the Hornets, Portland will improve to 13-12, putting them on the cusp of moving into the eighth and final postseason slot.

2. Big Three Two

What a difference a year makes. Last season Boston was enduring one of the worst seasons in the history of the NBA and this year they match their longest winning streak since the early `90s. Go figure. 1993 was the last time the Celtics won nine consecutive games until Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce led the mean green to a 90-77 win in Toronto on Sunday. The duo combined for 34 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists in the contest, using a 27-17 first quarter advantage to propel Boston to victory. Ray Allen missed his second game with a right ankle injury, but he is expected to be in the lineup when the Pistons come to Beantown on Wednesday.

3. Shelden Williams got jacked up!
Being rich ain’t what it used to be. In fact, the curse of money is at an all-time high right now for athletes with Shelden Williams becoming the latest victim of greedy goons. Williams was carjacked at gunpoint near Atlanta on Saturday by two suspects. Both were arrested in Williams’ car later that night during an attempted robbery. This could have been a lot worse for Williams, who should be thanking his lucky stars he’s not dead over a freakin’ 2008 Chrysler. Williams played two minutes in Atlanta’s Saturday night game against Charlotte, logging zeros across the board. Next up for the baby birds is a home game tonight against Carlos Boozer, Deron Williams and the rest of the Jazz.

Sunday’s Player of the Day: Allen Iverson vs. Portland 46 min, 38 pts (FG: 11-22, 3FG: 3-6, FT: 13-15), 2 reb, 6 ast, 3 stl

Monday’s Games to Watch: Phoenix (17-7) @ San Antonio (18-5) AND Orlando (17-8) @ Dallas (16-9)
You’re going to have to do some serious channel flipping tonight because both of these games are must see TV. You can’t go wrong with one of the most intense rivalries currently going in the NBA. Phoenix is still fuming after getting bounced from last year’s playoffs by the Spurs. San Antonio is hoping to have a full compliment of players, but Tony Parker’s sprained ankle is keeping his status up in the air. With a win, Phoenix can move within half a game of the conference leading Spurs.

Just up the road you’ll find the Magic looking to extend their two game win streak with a victory in Dallas. Dwight Howard is giving opponents sweat-inducing nightmares with his play of late. Howard is fresh off a 31-point, 20-rebound performance against Memphis and is averaging 25.6 points, 16.8 rebounds, 1.4 steals and 1.6 blocks per game over the team’s last five contests (4-1). In case Dirk Nowitzki needed any more reason to stay out of the paint, there it is. But regardless of style, Nowitzki is averaging 20.8 points to go with 8.2 boards and 4.1 assists and the Mavs have won four of their last five outings.

Buzzer Beater: More sobering news from the NBA, sorta. A judge tossed out former baller Keon Clark’s two-and-a-half year prison sentence, citing that Clark deserves a new hearing. Afterwards, Clark let loose with some surprisingly honest and bewildering comments.

Clark, 32, of Danville, said in Vermilion County Circuit Court on Friday that he is an alcoholic and was drinking a half pint to a pint of gin daily when he was playing pro basketball.

“I never played a game sober, unfortunately,” said Clark, who last played for the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns.

Clark said in court that he started drinking in high school and, after he was drafted in the NBA by the Orlando Magic in 1998, he drank at games during halftime.

“It just never stopped,” he said.

College Football

Isn’t throat slashing illegal in college football?

This was a horribly scary and sobering weekend to be an athlete. Not only did Jamaal Tinsley get blasted at by some green-eyed goons out way past their bedtimes, but a South Carolina football player got his throat slashed in a fight near campus.

Senior defensive end Jordin Lindsey, who was ineligible to play this year because of poor grades, got into a fight with two men early Saturday morning when he was cut by something, possibly a broken bottle. And talk about a tough kid, Lindsey needed surgery but was released on Sunday.

The elder Lindsey [father Billy] said Jordin Lindsey and his twin, Dustin, also a Gamecocks player, were walking early Saturday morning in Five Points, a neighborhood known for its college bar scene and restaurants.

Two men yelled at the brothers from across a street, but the twins didn’t think much about it — until they heard footsteps and Jordin Lindsey was stabbed, Billy Lindsey said.

We’re glad to hear that Lindsey is recovering, but we’re somewhat disappointed to hear that being 6-foot-3 and weighing 256 pounds just doesn’t intimidate like it use to. Then again, these punks did have to attack from behind, displaying the yellow streaks running down their backs. But don’t worry, according to Dr. Gordon Nuber, in 50 years or so, athletes might not ever have to worry about someone trying to pick a fight with them.


[]: Attacker slashes Gamecock’s neck

Indiana Pacers

Jamaal Tinsley was in the wrong place at defiantly the wrong time

Jamaal Tinsley and his crew were shot at early Sunday morning near a downtown Indianapolis hotel after some apparently jealous thugs took issue with the group at a club. The incident went down around 3:40 a.m. when the unknown assailants opened fire with an assault rifle at the three vehicles Tinsley’s friends were in. The group detoured to the hotel once they realized they were being followed. The Pacers equipment manager, sitting in the back seat of Tinsley’s car, was shot in both elbows.

Jamaal’s brother, James Tinsley, opened fire on a gray Chrysler and a dark pickup as two of the cars chased the shooters approximately two blocks away. Jamaal was not involved in the subsequent chase.

And of course, this whole thing is really based on something completely senseless. According to the Indy Star:

A group was giving members of Tinsley’s crew a hard time about the expensive cars they were driving – a Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Dodge Charger – and the amount of money they made.

So you’re telling us that these morons basically approached Tinsley’s crew and said “You guys are rich and have really nice cars. You’re a bunch of losers!” Whatever happened to just being jealous from afar?

Needless to say, even though Pacers coach Jim O’Brien was happy to hear his player wasn’t hurt and gave him the day off because he “wanted him to get away from basketball for the day,” O’Brien wasn’t exactly sympathetic to Tinsley’s situation.

We leave it up to individuals to be responsible. Was I happy that somebody was out at 3 o’clock in the morning? No, I wasn’t. But that’s a decision that was made, and it was the wrong decision to make.

“It wasn’t on a game night. We had off yesterday and we were practicing at 11 o’clock today.

“I would think as we all suspect, nothing good happens after 1 o’clock if you’re around alcohol or around an environment where there could be weapons. Nothing good can happen in that situation.

But the Heat’s Alonzo Mourning went a step further, blaming the flashy NBA lifestyle for bringing the player haters out.

You’ve got to understand that we all are vulnerable when it comes to putting ourselves in situations where the public has access to us. And if we go out and flaunt and expose our luxuries, there are some jealous people out there who want it and put us in a position where we’re targets,” Mourning said. “I’m not saying you’ve got to hide it, but don’t be flamboyant. Don’t walk into a club with a crowd of people wearing a $250,000 chain around your neck or pull out a wad of hundreds for everybody to see. Pull out a credit card instead. I mean, you’re asking for attention and you’re asking for trouble.

Just think of how much trouble Pacman Jones could have avoided if he had whipped out his Visa card instead of making it rain the old fashioned way.


[]: Shots fired at Pacers’ Jamaal Tinsley
[]: Heat curb Clippers, make Riley third NBA coach with 1,200 wins

Atlanta Falcons

54 pit bulls win the lottery

Now it is starting to become clear why Michael Vick simply strangled, beat, shot or electrocuted pit bulls that were no longer of service…those mutts have some serious upkeep!

Vick was basically ordered to fork over almost $1 million for the care of the 54 dogs that were seized from his Virginia home several months back. The exact amount Vick set aside for the pooches was a cool $928,073. In case you’re wondering, that’s $17,186.54 per pit bull!

We know that vet bills can be expensive, but damn! Throw in some Kibbles-n-Bits, a few chew toys and we’re talking a couple hundred bucks a year, right? Oh, of course, poker money.


[]: Vick Will Pay $1M For Care Of Seized Dogs

Arizona Cardinals

Antrel Rolle says Sean Taylor’s death was deliberate

Sean Taylor’s body didn’t even have time to get cold before people started speculating about the circumstances surrounding the home intrusion and eventual murder of the rising NFL star. And a lot of the assumptions the mainstream media outlets were distributing tended to be rather harsh, basing their claims on his Hurricanes heritage and previous run-ins with the law. Well, the presumptions aren’t limited to the media. Despite the police accounts of a botched burglary; one of Taylor’s best friends thinks it was a deliberate hit.

He really didn’t say too much,” Antrel Rolle said, “but I know he was pretty much scared every time he was down in Miami.”

Rolle and Taylor, whose fathers were policemen in Homestead, Fla., started playing football together when they were six years old. They went on to become University of Miami teammates and NFL first-round draft picks. Both wore No. 21, Rolle for the Cardinals, Taylor for the Washington Redskins.

“There was so much surrounding him,” Rolle said. “Everyone was talking about him bad, so he just had to distance himself from everyone and live a life of his own. … Within the last year, I’ve never seen anyone make such a dramatic change.”

Withdrawing from a bad crowd isn’t easy, though, Rolle said.

“They say it was a burglary. It absolutely was not a burglary,” he said. “Down South, where we’re from, there were many people talking to Sean, a lot of jealousy, a lot of angry people.

“Sean, he had a large group of friends, and he no longer hung out with those friends, so you never know where this came from.

Rolle also said that “They’ve been targeting him for three years now,” and that “At least, he has peace now.”

We kind of thought Taylor was getting a bum rap because he was from the U and got slapped with the “hoodlum” label, but if his own long-time friend is calling it a deliberate murder then the media’s hype might be sincere. But Antrel can say what he wants; he’s not supposed to be unbiased. It just seems a bit callous to us that despite the authorities’ contradictory account, news outlets were determined to create a sensational story.


[The Canadian Press]: Cardinals’ Rolle vows to honour childhood friend, says death was no burglary
[Rocky Mountain News]: Rolle: Taylor was targeted

College Basketball

Fresno State Bulldogs Bullies

Being a Fresno State basketball player is a pretty sweet gig. You get to be a `student athlete’ *wink wink*, lots of good food, you get to travel, play ball and, apparently, you get to get to rob the disabled with no repercussions from the team.

Fresno State basketball player Rekalin Sims will be arraigned on two felony charges in Fresno County Superior Court on Nov. 28, according to court documents.

Sims was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree robbery Tuesday after being arrested early Sunday morning in connection with the robbery of a 29-year-old disabled man.

According to police, a man — whose name was withheld — was walking on Bulldog Lane at 1:25 a.m. Sunday toward Ninth Street when an SUV driven by Sims with two other men and a woman pulled up next to him. At least one of the men got out of the car, beat the man, and took his cash and iPod.

Police caught up to the SUV several minutes later at Cedar and Shaw avenues.

Sims, who was reinstated to the team Tuesday after serving a suspension for falling behind academically, practiced Tuesday and Wednesday.

Beat up a disabled dude for his iPod?? That’s pretty low, but letting a failing potential felon continue to practice with your squad, well, that’s just stupid. But, then again, there’s no way he could be involved with all this mess. After all, if you’d just take a look at his Fresno State bio page then you’d clearly see his “hobbies include video games, hanging out with friends and shopping.”

See, shopping, not jacking the handicapped.


[]: Felony charges filed against `Dogs basketball player

College Football

Huskers fans are more aggressive than the Blackshirts this year

Lots of people take college football very, very seriously. Unfortunately, at some point their passion can turn to disgust and when that happens, they cross the line from being a fan into being a cell mate with Nailz.

Police are trying to track down an unknown male who called Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove early on November 4 and left him a friendly message to remind him of how the Huskers just got blasted by the Jayhawks.

One message told Cosgrove: “To go back where he came from (expletive) before I kill you.

And, yes, that did say “one” message. Cosgrove has been bombarded by obscene and threatening phone calls for weeks now, but police were able to trace this specific call back to Kansas. According to the police, this is the first time that they’ve ever investigated death threats against the school’s football coach.

This reflects nothing on Nebraska fans. Nebraska fans are the best. It’s not something regular fans would do,” said fan Rubin Sass.

We agree totally. Nebraska fans don’t kill or threaten. They just boo the hell outta their team at home and then the student section starts chanting “Fire Cosgrove” in unison. Okay, so, like we said, they don’t typically kill or threaten, but they do enjoy dishing out a little humiliation.

What ever happened to the classic idea of just plunking down a “For Sale” in his yard during the middle of the night. It’s cheap, it’s effective and it won’t get you tossed in the clink.


[]: Huskers Football Coach Gets Death Threat

College Football

Three Iowa football players investigated for sexual assault

Well, we don’t know much about this case, but we do know that some University of Iowa football players are complete wastes of flesh. The coppers are investigating a case of sexual assault involving three Hawkeye players that happened on October 14 on campus at the Hillcrest Residence Hall, but it wasn’t reported by the victim until November 7. No names are being released at this time.

Sexual assault is a very serious issue and we’re treating it as such. I’m obviously concerned for the well-being and safety of the young woman; I’m concerned there are football players included in the investigation; and I’m concerned that we allowed the legal process to take its course.” — UI Athletics Director Gary Barta

“I have talked to Gary Barta on this matter. I share his concern for the young woman and her well-being. Likewise, I am concerned that football players are the subject of the investigation. Because it is an open investigation, I cannot comment more,” — Kirk Ferentz, University of Iowa Head Football Coach.

We know this is a horrible crime and we have to patient until the law runs it course, but those were a couple of the weakest statements ever made about a serious injustice. Thanks for telling us rape is bad.


[]: Three Hawkeyes Questioned In Sexual Assault

College Football

Macho Harris’ crib gets the Swiss cheese makeover

Virginia Tech’s Victor Harris, better known to pigskin junkies as “Macho”, was involved in a shooting early Sunday morning. Well, at least his apartment was.

Nobody was injured during the hail of gunfire and police who responded at 3:49 a.m. are still trying to put together the pieces of what exactly happened. But we do know that Harris lives alone in the apartment, although three other students were in his apartment at the time, and we do know that if we were Harris, our nickname would be changed from “Macho” to “Titty Baby” following this incident.

An initial investigation by officers recovered evidence that seven shots were fired from a 9-millimeter handgun, and a single shotgun blast hit the face of the apartment building, the release said.

An attempt was made Monday to interview Harris after Tech’s football practice, but the athletic department didn’t make him available for interviews. Tech coach Frank Beamer didn’t have much information on the incident.

“We’re still gathering information on that,” Beamer said. “They were just in there minding their own business the way I heard it. I don’t know a whole lot about it myself other than what (players) told me. They were there and then all of a sudden stuff started.

Uh, duh, coach. Of course they were just sitting in there minding their business when the 9-milimeter and shotgun calling cards came knocking. You need to be worried about what they we’re doing before the bullets hit the walls. And if this isn’t some sort of retaliatory action, then Hokies fans are about as backwards as they come. Virginia Tech is coming off a smashing of Florida State; seems like if there would be a drive-by going down, it would at least coincide with a losing streak. Even then we’d say it’s probably a tad overboard. Hell, Bobby Bowden only gets “For Sale” signs stuck in his yard after the Seminoles stink it up.


[]: Shots fired into apartment of Va. Tech’s “Macho” Harris