College Basketball

Odds and Ends: Bulldogs dominate March Madness

Now that the NCAA Tournament is set and ready to go (minus the ever popular play-in game of course), it’s time to start filling in all the blank lines of your brackets. But as you do so, you’ll probably notice that there are a whole lotta crazy mascots in this year’s tourney. OK, so maybe you won’t notice, but the hoops junkies at Best Week Ever did and here’s their list of The 10 Most Ridiculous Mascots In This Year’s NCAA Tournament:

10.UBMC Retrievers
9.Kent State Golden Flashes
8.St. Mary’s Gaels
7.Siena Saints
6.Cornell Big Red
5.University of San Diego Toreros
4.Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils
3.Western Kentucky Hilltoppers
2.Austin Peay Governors
1.The Bulldogs of Butler, Drake, Georgia, Gonzaga and Mississippi State

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College Football

Fans? Hawaii don’t need no stinkin’ fans

The Hawaii football team busted its asses all year long to go undefeated and earn a BCS bowl bid, but now that they’ve done the unthinkable, the school has gone out and done the unthinkable.

The university decided not to take their full allotment of tickets for the Sugar Bowl on New Years Day, thus turning the valuable tickets and seats over to an elated group of Bulldog faithful. Georgia gained 4,000 extras tickets in the exchange, bringing their total to 21,500 while dropping Hawaii down to 13,500 tickets. Needless to say, Warriors fans were not happy. And that was before Vili the Warrior even made the announcement on the late local newscast.

With Hawaii quickly selling out its reduced allotment of 13,500 tickets by Tuesday, many angry Warriors’ fans and season-ticket holders were left scrambling to find tickets to the school’s first bowl game outside the Aloha State since the 1992 Holiday Bowl.

Tickets, ranging from $125 to $145, were first made available to the Warriors’ 23,000 season-ticket holders and sold out quickly. Tickets were supposed go on sale to the general public Wednesday, but that never happened.

The university has created a waiting list and is offering to buy back tickets if purchasers were unable to make travel arrangements.

Guess June Jones isn’t the only islander who acts irrationally and then later comes to regret it.

Turns out that Hawaii is trying to get the Sugar Bowl to take some responsibility for this gaffe by saying that they didn’t think they could sell all the tickets and that the move was “at the suggestion of the Sugar Bowl, who was trying to accommodate the SEC team with more tickets to satisfy their demand.”

Sugar Bowl officials say it was Hawaii’s decision.

“They chose not to take their full allotment. That was Hawaii’s decision,” Sugar Bowl spokesman Duane Lewis said. “We definitely didn’t tell them not to take it, it was their choice.

We know that traveling from Hawaii to the mainland is a bitch, but this isn’t the 1992 Holiday Bowl, their last bowl appearance in the continental states. This is a coveted BCS bowl and you’re a measly WAC school, those things should be flying like hotcakes. At least give your fans the opportunity to buy the tickets before you give the other team an even greater `home field feel’ advantage. No wonder nobody wanted you guys to crack the top 12 in the BCS, you treat your own fans and team worse than you treat the opposition.

What’s next, are you going to conduct a raffle amongst the Gainesville population for your share of seats in the Swamp at next season’s opener?


[]: Hawaii angers fans by giving tickets to Georgia

College Basketball

Fresno State Bulldogs Bullies

Being a Fresno State basketball player is a pretty sweet gig. You get to be a `student athlete’ *wink wink*, lots of good food, you get to travel, play ball and, apparently, you get to get to rob the disabled with no repercussions from the team.

Fresno State basketball player Rekalin Sims will be arraigned on two felony charges in Fresno County Superior Court on Nov. 28, according to court documents.

Sims was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree robbery Tuesday after being arrested early Sunday morning in connection with the robbery of a 29-year-old disabled man.

According to police, a man — whose name was withheld — was walking on Bulldog Lane at 1:25 a.m. Sunday toward Ninth Street when an SUV driven by Sims with two other men and a woman pulled up next to him. At least one of the men got out of the car, beat the man, and took his cash and iPod.

Police caught up to the SUV several minutes later at Cedar and Shaw avenues.

Sims, who was reinstated to the team Tuesday after serving a suspension for falling behind academically, practiced Tuesday and Wednesday.

Beat up a disabled dude for his iPod?? That’s pretty low, but letting a failing potential felon continue to practice with your squad, well, that’s just stupid. But, then again, there’s no way he could be involved with all this mess. After all, if you’d just take a look at his Fresno State bio page then you’d clearly see his “hobbies include video games, hanging out with friends and shopping.”

See, shopping, not jacking the handicapped.


[]: Felony charges filed against `Dogs basketball player